Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Day

Fasha called me the other day to go shopping with him,
the day after Thanksgiving for,
Black Day.
Yes. He said: Black Day.
I informed him:
A) To never say that name out loud in public.
B) I had prior arrangements to go shopping on Black Day, I mean Black Friday with Jamie and The Vickster.

I had never done the whole "Black Friday" thing before
(Sleep always seemed like a much better idea).
But this year, oh yes, this year it was on.
We headed down to the Las Americas Premium Outlets.
Aka: The outlets just outside of Mexico.

Started at Starbucks around 11pm,
fueled up at McDonald's around 2am,
barely made it to my bed without passing out at 4:30am.
The girls had to drop me off before they went to the next mall.
I tried my best to hold on as long as possible...apparently, I just couldn't hang.

My favorite part?
Victoria's Secret.
Bras for $3.99?
I'll take 3, thank you.

Some other good finds:
Buy one get one free Ray Bans.
Don't mind if I do.

I slept until 1:30pm that afternoon.
It was a grand sleep dreaming of sales and trampling other crazed women.
Then I got to pick up V-Dizzle from the airport and spend the entire weekend with him.
Good times were had.
Good times.

Happy Monday!



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