Friday, November 11, 2011


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Confession Time:
I may or may not have always hoped that I would get married on this magical day of 11-11-11.
Me and 1/2 the female population, I'm sure.
Difference is, they're actually doing it.
Guess I probably need a willing man in the picture to make that happen...

Unless you're like Chen Wei-Yi who married herself in Taiwan.
She looks pretty happy.
Something to consider, I suppose.

Or, I could always go to
I mean, Cyndi did.
Look how happy her story is:

Cyndi and Boris
" Hello,

My name is Cyndi, and I am hopelessly in love with my African Grey Parrot, Boris. 

I met him two and a half-years ago, at a bird faire in St. Petersburg Florida, where he was being sold as a "bappy" (baby bird.) It was love at first sight! There he was, in all his feathered glory, anxiously looking up at me, as if to say, "Please take me home." His pretty black eyes sparkled and my heart melted. I gently picked him up, and held him to my chest. He made a tiny little "mewling" sound and rested his little feathery head against my neck. I turned into butter... 

Two and a half years later, I still look into his pretty eyes, which are now a pretty shade of lemon-yellow, and I still see the love in his eyes. He's my best friend; always there when I am feeling blue, and his silly antics keep me laughing constantly. I love my Boris, and wouldn't trade him for the WORLD! 

Cyndi "

Although, I guess I would need a pet too.
That could have been magical, I'm sure.

Oh well.
Guess my 11.11.11 will be filled spending time with my electrician.
He has to come over tonight to finish fixing our outlets.
It's going to be very romantic, I know.
In fact, I was so over the moon for Joe that I had to secretly take his picture last night.
Sure, maybe it isn't my dream wedding that I had envisioned,
but I'm pretty sure this is the

Happy 11.11.11 Friends!!


  1. In just a little over 3 hours it will be 11:11 (PM) on 11/11/11. If you can get to the seven eleven on 11th street in the next 3 to 7 minutes your groom will meet you at the courthouse in time for an 11 PM ceremony with the "I DO at 11:11.



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