Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Rants (aka boring post)

  • I'm passed the "sick stage." But now I'm on to the gross aftermath of coughing up a shocking amount of phlegm. I'm sure you could have gone the rest of your day without knowing that. But I thought I'd share. It's not fun for me either.

  • For the past two nights, I've been having very stressful dreams. The first dream is the one that I have been having for as long as I can remember. I'm at my old High School. I'm late for class and when I finally get there, I'm the only one late. I missed an assignment that everyone seemed to know about but me and I'm left with a feeling of unease and a bit of anxiety. Last night's dream involved the typical teeth falling out scenario. All 6 top teeth cracked in half and came right off. I literally had to touch my teeth when I woke up to check if they were still there. They were, don't worry.

  • V-Dizzle and I are on week two of training for the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll marathon. It's coming up June 3rd. Seeing as I am not a runner nor have I ever been, I figured starting the training now would be wise. We're keeping it light and easy for the first month or so with 3x/week runs about 3.5-4 miles each run. Surprisingly, with only a week in, I am noticing an improvement in my running. And when I say improvement, I mean: I don't feel like falling over and dying after 3 miles. Improvement indeed.

That's all I've got.
My brain is mush.
I want to go back to bed.
But alas, I'm doing this whole "grown up" thing and have to work.
Sometimes it sucks being an adult.

Happy Hump Day, friends.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It happened..

I got sick.
This never happens.
Okay, that's a lie. It happens maybe twice a year.
So I'm sitting here, in V-Dizzle's bed, coughing and sniffling.
He's in the kitchen making me breakfast like a saint.
Eggs...turkey bacon...toast...
He just came in and gave me some OJ too...
Now that I think about it...maybe I should be sick more often.
I could get used to this.

Happy Tuesday

P.S. Here are my new earmuffs that I got from Black Friday. They're a necessity for my night runs.
I know. Me? Running? Weird.
I'll explain more later.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Day

Fasha called me the other day to go shopping with him,
the day after Thanksgiving for,
Black Day.
Yes. He said: Black Day.
I informed him:
A) To never say that name out loud in public.
B) I had prior arrangements to go shopping on Black Day, I mean Black Friday with Jamie and The Vickster.

I had never done the whole "Black Friday" thing before
(Sleep always seemed like a much better idea).
But this year, oh yes, this year it was on.
We headed down to the Las Americas Premium Outlets.
Aka: The outlets just outside of Mexico.

Started at Starbucks around 11pm,
fueled up at McDonald's around 2am,
barely made it to my bed without passing out at 4:30am.
The girls had to drop me off before they went to the next mall.
I tried my best to hold on as long as possible...apparently, I just couldn't hang.

My favorite part?
Victoria's Secret.
Bras for $3.99?
I'll take 3, thank you.

Some other good finds:
Buy one get one free Ray Bans.
Don't mind if I do.

I slept until 1:30pm that afternoon.
It was a grand sleep dreaming of sales and trampling other crazed women.
Then I got to pick up V-Dizzle from the airport and spend the entire weekend with him.
Good times were had.
Good times.

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My American/Korean Thanksgiving

Being half Korean half Caucasian, I've been able to experience both cultures growing up.
This Thanksgiving was no exception.

The day started off at my good ol' Uncle Bob's.
Though it was really good to see everyone, not having my Mamma there
made it a bit less fun.
(Everyone says "Hi," Mom, and we missed you!)

After Uncle Bob's, Brother and I headed down to Fasha's house
for some good ol' Korean fun.
And fun did we have.
I was extremely full, but I managed to take a few bites of the Korean BBQ.
Although to be honest with you, Princess Sophia cooked, and I'm not the biggest fan,
so maybe it was a good thing I was as stuffed as I was.
Would you want to eat this?
Yeah...didn't think so.

This is Princess Sophia's granddaughter.
Clearly we can see who's better with babies.

Moving on.
What is the one thing to make ANY Korean gathering complete?
Why, singing of course.
Let's head on over to the music room and see what we can find there, shall we? that Fasha and a microphone at the piano?
Why yes, yes it is.

The next two hours were spent gathered around the piano,
singing this Korean song that Fasha will be "performing"
on Decemeber 18 at his Korean church service.
Please note: I can't speak Korean nor can I read Korean.
So why would Fasha hand me sheet music so I could sing along?
Because that's how he roles.
I had to sound out the Korean words by writing it down in English letters.
Maybe I was convinced to sing with him on this December 18 service.
Look at that face. It was hard to resist.

Even though I was mumbling my way through a bunch of jibberish I didn't understand,
it was really nice being able to be in a room with family and just kick back and do something fun.
Brother really got into it too.

And of course, you must have a little Hello Kitty folder for the finishing touches
to this lovely Asian evening...

Hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving
doing weird things with your weird families...
I know I did.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Letters..

Dear Family,
I am so thankful for each and every one of you. You have all helped shape me to be who I am today. Even though we're living far apart now, I know that doesn't change our closeness. But I do really hope we can all be in the same state again soon. Can you try and make that happen? Thanks.

Dear V-Dizzle,
You have yet to read this blog. Maybe someday soon. But know that I'm thankful for you too. Even though you and I have only known each other for 4 1/2 months now (is that really all?), I can say that they've been great months, thanks to you. Let's keep the fun going, shall we?

Dear Starbucks,
I know I've been gone from your life lately. But it was time that I had to take a step back from you and try to appreciate the free coffee that work has to offer. Know that it will never compare and you'll always be my number 1. I am thankful and excited that you have come out with the K-Cups for our little coffee maker at work. I will soon be buying those from you so we can be close again.

Dear Roomie,
I couldn't ask for a better roommate. I know sometimes I don't always clean up my dishes, but I'm working on it. Really, I am. I like our new place together. But more so, I like living in it with you. Thank you for always being there to listen when I need you...even if it takes 3 times to tell you before you pay attention.

Dear Running,
I'm not quite used to you just yet. My body is sore because of you. But I'm still thankful and will continue to give you a chance. Please get easier for me, I'd appreciate that. If you can do that for me, then I won't give up on you. I really think we can have a great relationship someday.

Dear Clothes On My Floor,
Can you put yourself away please? I'm far too lazy and V-Dizzle is starting to make comments about how messy you look laying there. I personally don't mind because it's easier to see you, appreciate you, and find what I need...but I suppose for the courtesy of guests, maybe you could be a bit tidier?

Dear Human Centipede,
Watching you wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had. Especially alone, the night before Thanksgiving. I'm feeling highly disturbed and I'm not quite sure why you made it to my "Thanksgiving Letters," but anyway, I probably won't ever see you again. Sorry.

Dear Bed,
I look forward to laying in you tonight. You're oh so comfortable. Please keep the nightmares away.

Dear Thanksgiving Day,
I look forward to you 364 days out of the year. You help me to remember the things I'm thankful for, even though it may only look like I'm interested in the food. Thank you for being around so that loved ones can get together and enjoy food and company as one.

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!!
Hope you have the best food coma of your life.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mamma!

I love you..
I miss you..
I'll see you in 29 days..
But who's counting? (I am. Daily.)
There's NO.WAY. you look the age you are..(You're 47, right??)
You're my best friend..
You're kind..
You're giving..
You're (getting more and more) funny.. (ha)
You're my comfort zone..
You have the Best shoulder to cry on..
You have the Best ear for listening..
You have the Best words of advice..
You're basically the best Mom anyone could ask for.
In other words..

Happy Birthday, Dear Mamma..
Sending many many positive and loving thoughts your way!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Word art on the back..

V-Dizz leaves for San Francisco today to be with his family for Thanksgiving.
Is it bad that I miss him already and he hasn't even gotten on the plane yet?
I said to him this morning, "I can't believe I'm not going to see you for five days!"
He reminded me that it would only be two and that he'll be back on Friday.
Oh...Guess I should suck it up then.

Last night, we were laying on my bed and playing the 
"guess-what-i'm-writing-on-your-back-with-my-finger" game.
I, being the ever-so mature one, wrote: D-I-A-R-R-H-E-A
He wrote: M-O-N-K-E-Y
I wrote: I-H-O-P-E-Y-O-U-H-A-V-E-A-G-O-O-D-T-I-M-E-I-N-S-A-N-F-R-A-N
He wrote: I-W-I-L-L-M-I-S-S-T-H-E-H-E-L-L-O-U-T-O-F-Y-O-U

That made me smile.
The End.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Things that made me happy this weekend...

From my balcony. Canon Rebel T2i.

-Getting a check in the mail for my Jury Duty services for $61.36. You're welcome and feel free to invite me back any time..
-Getting Zen with a really good yoga class taught by my friend Sarah at Bird Rock Yoga in PB. Still sore, but in a really good way..(V-Dizzle says sorry about the puddles of sweat he left and that he had a good time too)
-Shortly after yoga, getting Fatburger. Nothing like a yummy cheeseburger at 12am..
-Running 3 miles without stopping. Thank you, Kanye, for getting me through the tough parts..
-Eating breakfast on V-Dizzle's rooftop while soaking in the lovely San Diego views..
-Seeing J. Edgar at the theater. Leo, you never disappoint..
-Watching V make homemade chili (keyword: watching). Then eating said chili. It was so very good..
-And I made cornbread withOUT burning it! (So maybe all I had to do was add water and throw it in the oven, but still...I'm working on it)

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Happy Monday!

Friday, November 18, 2011

{Not quite} An Italian Night

The night had arrived.
It was time to make some homemade pizza and bruschetta.
V-Dizz and I went to Trader Joe's and decided to make it a semi-healthy thing.
So when he asked if I wanted white or wheat dough, I didn't think twice and threw the wheat in the cart.
Bad choice, Mishi. Bad choice.

Somehow I was dubbed the "Pizza Maker."
Though I don't know why, seeing as: me + cooking bread is never a good thing.
See burnt incidences {here} and {here}.

Let me just say:
Making sticky dough try and look like a perfect circle is near impossible.
I don't think it was supposed to look like a third world country.
After much poking, prodding, and nervous glances from V-Dizzle,
I decided to call my pizza base complete.
Looks appetizing, I know.

It was time to add the ingredients for a BBQ Chicken Pizza:
BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, onions, chicken, and basil.
Sounds appetizing.
Looks not so appetizing.

Meanwhile, during my pizza disaster, he was happily making the bruschetta.
After much frustration, 2 glasses of wine, and nearly burning myself on the oven,
I look over to see this beautiful masterpiece.
Which tasted even more...mastery.

I asked him if he's ever made bruschetta before.
His response: "Nope, just winging it."
Winging it?
And that's the result?
When I "wung" my pizza, this is what I got:
A semi-burnt on top, semi-raw dough bottom, weird tasting, wheat pizza.

I took one bite and decided bruschetta and wine would be my dinner.
V-Dizzle was sweet and told me it tasted "really" good and proceeded to eat two slices.
He even took the leftovers home {probably to be fed to his dog}.
It's okay V, let's just admit Mish is not the best cook in the world and bread cooking privileges should forever be taken away from her.

Let's go ahead and take one last comparison of bruschetta vs. pizza.
I think it's safe to say bruschetta won this round.

Have a great and amazing weekend, Friends!
If you plan to make a pizza...don't follow my footsteps.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Since my previous post sucks and is no longer true...

Because mere moments after I posted about my phone dying,
it came back to life!!
To make up for my lies,
I shall give you this.
Go check out The Vickster's post for the day over at VickiChristine!
You'll see a lovely head of hair and my lovely new sweater from UO.



My iPhone died on me last night.
It won't turn on and I've tried everything.
Hard reset.
Charging it.
Let it be over night then tried it all over again.

I wish I could be all Zen about it and say,
"Gosh, I feel so free and at peace not having any contact with the world.
People get too attached to these worldly technologies.
It's time I become one with myself and not rely on such petty things."
I'd just like my effing phone back.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last night's letters via text message

Dear V Dizz,
Remember when we used to make new dinners every week?
Remember that it's your turn?
I do..
And I'm still waiting.
But maybe you need help deciding what to make.
I have a really good suggestion: Homemade pizza. Like from scratch.
P.S. I miss seeing you on G-Chat

Dear Dear,
I remember those days fondly.
Me in the kitchen, cooking away.
You in close proximity, usually singing or burning a bread of some sort.
Your suggestion of homemade pizza is a grand one,
and I think we should make that happen.
I hope this text finds you well,

Dear Verner,
I'm not sure how I feel about you saying I just stand by and/or burn bread.
I do believe I've made a mean salmon a time or two.
However, I'm willing to let those false accusations go
if you can agree to also make homemade bruschetta with this said pizza.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Dearest Mishi,
I'm not sure how you feel about me saying "you stand by and burn bread" either..
seeing as how that's not what I said, but what you interpreted.
I did, however, mention that I adore you standing by me and singing..
and maybe burning bread as well.
Also, I hear your bruschetta pleas, and that is definitely up for consideration.
But may I interest you in a salad and wine instead?
With all my everything,

My Dearest Dizzle,
It gives me great joy to hear that you adore my singing as it is
one of my favorite things to do.
In regards to your salad and wine suggestion,
I think that is a lovely idea.
Knowing your skills in the kitchen,
I don't doubt we can accomplish all of the above,
including the bruschetta.
And when I say, "we," I really mean you.
Mish Love

Dearest Mish Love,
Oh how I look forward to your letters.
They keep me going in such troubled times.
I read them out loud in a high pitched voice that resembles
your sweet and melodic voice, I do.
If baby boo is adamant about having bruschetta with her pizza and salad,
then so be it.
The mighty Zeus himself couldn't keep bruschetta off this menu.
Longing for you,

My Lovely V-Dizz,
Your promise of bruschetta moves me like that of a magical,
soothing ocean wave.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting to make this happen.
I will be counting down the hours until I see you again..
P.S. I find these letters of ours sound even better if read
with an English accent.

Oh to have lived back in the "olden days"
where girls in large dresses would sit, staring out the window,
longing for a letter to arrive from her loved one.
{because I'm sure that's all they did}
Oh the simplicity.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Okay Lady

Yesterday, for V-Dizzle's birthday,
I decided to take him to this massage place in Korea Town that my Fasha recommended.
It's called LH Foot Care.
Except I'm pretty sure they didn't touch my feet once.
And I'm pretty sure they were not Korean.
My Chinese "masseuse" told me his name was Jason.

All I know is this:
-He refused to learn my name and only called me "Lady" the 3 times he actually spoke to me:
"Okay Lady, flip over."
"You okay Lady?"
"Okay Lady, you done."
-I am extremely sore today from him digging his elbows into my back.
-I have discovered that I am incapable of letting a "masseuse" know when it's painful.
I was laying there, face down, in sheer pain.
And instead of just saying, "Hey, Jason...can you go a bit softer?",
I convinced myself that pain = good and he knows what he's doing.
A "masseuse" at a Foot Massage place working on my back knows what he's doing...
-I don't know about you, but I personally have never been to a massage place where they pull my pants
halfway down my buttocks and squeeze firmly, hand to cheeks.
Well, I guess I have now.
Thank you for the experience, Jason.

At least we got some bomb dot com Korean BBQ afterwards.
It was so good I forgot to take a picture until we were halfway done with dinner.

Also, side note, looking through pictures,
I have discovered that the "open mouth" pose is a big hit amongst us.
It really shows that excitement, you know?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, V-Dizzle!

How does it feel to be 30?
You look great, that's for sure.
I'm excited for Korean BBQ tonight to celebrate.

P.S. Maybe I heard you call me your girlfriend yesterday, for the first time...
and maybe I really liked it.


Wedding Bliss

I (along with Roomie) had the privilege of attending, no joke, the best wedding ever.
It was gorgeous.
Everything was perfectly put together,
and the decor, oh the decor!
Melt me.
I never thought I was a sucker for weddings.
But goodness, when the beautiful bride was walking down the aisle,
I couldn't help but have to open my eyes freakishly wide so I wouldn't cry.
I'm sure if anyone saw, it could have been an awkward moment.
Fortunately, all eyes were on Ricki.
I could kick myself for leaving my camera in the hotel room.
Rookie move, Michelle. Rookie move.

So, instead, I'll channel my Facebook stalking skills and post this one for you all.
(Very Sex and the City, yes?)

Roomie and I had a little photobooth fun.
Loved this thing.

I had to get ghetto and scan these suckers in.

Have a wonderful Monday, lovers.


Friday, November 11, 2011


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Confession Time:
I may or may not have always hoped that I would get married on this magical day of 11-11-11.
Me and 1/2 the female population, I'm sure.
Difference is, they're actually doing it.
Guess I probably need a willing man in the picture to make that happen...

Unless you're like Chen Wei-Yi who married herself in Taiwan.
She looks pretty happy.
Something to consider, I suppose.

Or, I could always go to
I mean, Cyndi did.
Look how happy her story is:

Cyndi and Boris
" Hello,

My name is Cyndi, and I am hopelessly in love with my African Grey Parrot, Boris. 

I met him two and a half-years ago, at a bird faire in St. Petersburg Florida, where he was being sold as a "bappy" (baby bird.) It was love at first sight! There he was, in all his feathered glory, anxiously looking up at me, as if to say, "Please take me home." His pretty black eyes sparkled and my heart melted. I gently picked him up, and held him to my chest. He made a tiny little "mewling" sound and rested his little feathery head against my neck. I turned into butter... 

Two and a half years later, I still look into his pretty eyes, which are now a pretty shade of lemon-yellow, and I still see the love in his eyes. He's my best friend; always there when I am feeling blue, and his silly antics keep me laughing constantly. I love my Boris, and wouldn't trade him for the WORLD! 

Cyndi "

Although, I guess I would need a pet too.
That could have been magical, I'm sure.

Oh well.
Guess my 11.11.11 will be filled spending time with my electrician.
He has to come over tonight to finish fixing our outlets.
It's going to be very romantic, I know.
In fact, I was so over the moon for Joe that I had to secretly take his picture last night.
Sure, maybe it isn't my dream wedding that I had envisioned,
but I'm pretty sure this is the

Happy 11.11.11 Friends!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I may be Asian...

But I've never liked sushi.
Unless you count California Rolls...but most don't.
I know, I know, it's baffling to me too.
Eating that stuff should be second nature to me, right?
Unfortunately, something about it has always been unappealing.

Last night, I was feeling adventurous.
V-Dizz and I went to Ra Sushi Downtown.

Sushi for dinner?
After a few swigs of sake, I was ready.

I wasn't going to half-ass this sushi experience by getting something simple like a spicy tuna roll.
Oh no.
I was going for the Big Kahuna.
Yes, I said Kahuna.
In other words:
Don't ask me what's in it.
I preferred not knowing and just taking the plunge.

Looks impressive, doesn't it?
V Dizz was certainly impressed enough to take a picture of me eating "my first real sushi roll"
so it could be forever documented.
Let's just say the picture of me stretching my mouth open as wide as it can go so I could fit that monstrosity in, wasn't so flattering.
So I will not be sharing that photo.
Moving on.

I am happy to announce:
I liked it.
A lot, actually.
Well, enough for me to eat 3 pieces at least.
Let's not go too crazy my first night in.
Maybe I can finally be true to my Asian roots and partake in more sushi adventures?
Fasha would be so proud.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reason #214 why I love San Diego..

Sunbathing in November is not out of the question, nor out of the ordinary.
(Though slightly awkward with all of the construction workers over yonder.
Carry on, fellas, nothin' to see here.)

Happy Hump Day.
May you do much humping.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snow Day

Day: Saturday
Time: 1:00pm
Current Hunger Levels: High
Place of Interest: Unknown.

It was crunch time.
Stomachs were growling.
Food was in need. Stat.
It was one of those days where nothing sounded good.
Suggestions were shot down quicker than a deer in hunting season.
(Pretty good analogy, huh? I know..I just made it up. I'm impressed too.)
We even brought out the ol' UrbanSpoon app.
But when you get places like this, it's not quite what you'd call enticing.

Suddenly, my brilliant mind kicked into high gear.
The Apple Pie capital of America.
(Not really, but I'd like to think so.)
V-Dizzle had never been.
Two Words, People:
Road. Trip.
Okay, so it was only an hour road trip, but a trip on the road, nonetheless!

And what a trip it was.
The drive was, for lack of a better word, beautiful.
No really.
This cloud here?
Yeah, that's real.

As we got higher in elevation, I saw this strange white stuff on the ground.
What the...
Could that be....
But it is!

Being a Southern California native,
I don't find it odd at all that I was wearing a tank top in November.
But when V pulled over so we could get a picture,
that 40 degree weather hit me faster than a shark attack.
(I'm just full of awesome analogies, I know.)

Shortly after this picture was taken, we were back in the warm car quicker than a....okay, I'll stop.
We had lunch at this little Italian restaurant called Romano's.
I highly suggest their spaghetti and giant meatball.
Really, it was just one gigantic ball.
Moving on.
Couldn't leave Julian without a caramel apple!
(Flattering picture, I know.)

All in all, it was a nice little day that was completely unexpected.
And knowing me, I don't do the unexpected.
But that day, I did.
And I loved every minute of it.

Have a lovely Tuesday!
I'm back from Jury Duty (bitter sweet), so it's back to the grind for me.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Journal Entry 11.7.11

...Life is an unexpected, wonderful journey. I try to remember to enjoy each day for what it is.
I'm sitting on my new balcony Downtown, with the sun shining on my face and I feel great. I feel happy. I feel more than content.
What a beautiful day today is. I'm so thankful for this moment and this life.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the unknown: What will my "tomorrow" be? Where is my career going? Have I made the right choices thus far? Is there something more I should be doing right now?
When I dwell on those questions, I feel a tightness in my stomach and I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and remember that it's okay not to know those answers. Because where I am right now, is just that. I'm here. I'm present. Life will continue to unfold. There's no denying that.
Embrace it. Enjoy it.
My worries won't change my Now.
Instead of being afraid of the unknown, how about I be excited to see it pan out? That sounds a lot more enjoyable, I think.
So that's what I'll do.
I'm sitting on my new balcony Downtown...and I am enjoying it.


Friday, November 4, 2011

I miss you all but I'm lovin' this trial.

I was like an excited little girl on her first day of school.
The day had finally arrived!
Jury Duty!
V-Dizzle held my hand the whole 1.35 mile walk to the court house.
Kissed me on my cheek, wished me luck, and bid me adieu.
I sat tall in my seat, waiting for my name to be called...
Then waited some more.
And more.
Then at last!
I got called!
Up to the court room I went.

I introduce you to: Alternate Juror #2

I've been in court all week and still have to go back Monday.
But I've missed this little thing called blogging, so I made an effort to touch base with ya'll.
Because I'm sure you've missed me too. Right??

I have come to the conclusion that the red lips and smart glasses got me on the case.
And maybe because I'm Asian.
They needed a little diversity on that jury.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jury Duty - Day 2

This is exciting people. I'm here for round two of Jury Duty!!
I made sure to wear my smart glasses again today in hopes that the lawyers will think I'm uber intellectual and pick me for the case!!

Fingers crossed!



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