Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well, Shucks...

I've always tried not to be "that girl" when it comes to boys I date.
Meaning: I can't stand when "that girl" makes everything about her man friend.
For example:
Me: "It sure is getting chillier these days, huh?"
That Girl: "Definitely. Josh and I cuddled extra long last night because we were cold too, then Josh went and got me a blanket to cover my toes because he knows how they get extra cold. Isn't that so sweet?!?!?!"
Cue gag reflex.
So yeah.
Don't want to be "that girl."
However, for today's blog post, I'm going to have to talk about V-Dizz for just a sec.
I may or may not be "that girl" for a moment or two.
Feel free to leave now.


So. "V" came up with a glorious plan that once a week, we would alternate turns to find a new recipe and cook it together.
Awesome. I love food. I love when people cook me food.
Buuttt...I'm not really one to be known for my cooking.
Cooking = Open/shut microwave.
But that's beside the point.
I've got the drive.
We can make this work.
Moving on.
So last night was his turn to pick.
Our plan was to meet at my place and walk to the grocery store together to get the ingredients.
He may or may not have this thing with not ever showing up at the time he says he will.
This may or may not drive me crazy.
Yet, every time, I hold out hope he'll stick to the plan.
So when I get this message:

I think he'll be at my place in about 20 minutes.
20 turns into 30.
30 turns into 40.
Mishi starts getting impatient.
Shocker, I know.
My doorbell rings.
And I'm stunned with a pleasant surprise:

And that's not all!
Remember when I said I wanted these?
Well a certain someone listened apparently.
He also listened when I told him what my favorite wine is.
He said sorry he was late and happy house warming.
Well, shucks.
I really need to get on this whole "patience" kick and learn to go with the flow more.

As if that's not sweet enough, he basically took over in the kitchen department
(probably because I was prancing around my living room with the flowers and taking lots of pictures)
and started making a mean chicken pasta dish.

I took over the making of the garlic bread again.
Which really meant putting the pre-made bread in the oven for 10-15 minutes.
Except that I forgot to set the timer.
Which means I forgot about it completely.
Which then means I got distracted and started singing the Sound of Music "Do Re Mi" song and then basically danced around for a few minutes like I was Julie Andrews.
I'm a special one...I know.

Fortunately, V-Dizzle reminded me about the garlic bread and I stopped the theatrics and got down to business.
Don't worry, garlic bread was saved.
Food was delish.
Next week: my turn.
Dun Dun Dun...
(any suggestions?)



  1. flowers, paintings, wine, food AND julie andrews!?!?!!? you win.

    p.s. - can we sing and dance together soon? did you always fast forward through mother superior singing CLIIIIIMb every mountaaaain?? because i did.


  2. He sounds perfect! So glad my little girl is happy :)
    Go on line and find a recipe that sounds good. They have some great ones to choose from.

  3. So I was just telling Em how I'm going to be obsessed with you for reasons that I feel I cannot share in such a public domain (it has to do with our wombs, true story) and then I found this and I choked (on spit? thin air? I don't know) when I saw the Julie Andrews pic and imagined you (in a non creepy way) dancing around singing THE HILLS ARE ALIVE! Even though you said Do Re Mi. But a gal can dream. I really, really want to stop stalking you now but we'll see. Sincerely hope you feel heaps comfortable at this present time with my sudden and passionate adoration! X



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