Monday, October 17, 2011


So maybe...

  • I have bruises all over my legs from moving boxes this weekend
  • My house looks like a tornado went through it
  • I have about 346 loads of laundry to do
  • I spent a shocking amount of money over the weekend
  • I noticed a giant scrape on my car this morning
  • My nails are embarrassingly disgusting and in major need of a manicure
  • I didn't take a shower today
  • I didn't have time to get Starbucks this morning and instead I am drinking a lame Diet Pepsi
  • I woke up this morning before my alarm went off, laid there for awhile in the darkness and just listened to the Downtown noises outside my window. I could hear the whoosh of the trolley as it rode by and it made me smile inside (we'll see if I'm still smiling a month from now with that noise, but for the moment, I'm digging the city life).

  • I had an amazingly easy move this weekend with many many thanks to V-Dizzle, Brother, and Jim. It was definitely entertaining watching those guys put their heads together to strategically fit all of our furniture in a too small of a U-Haul that may or may not have been my bad in the reservations department. They did it though and it went swimmingly!
  • We walked to J Bar Saturday night. Walked. And it was lovely.
  • Last night I got the pee scared out of me going through the Haunted Hotel Downtown. Yep. I was that girl crouched down on the floor with her hands covering her eyes and screaming. Somehow I think that reaction made all the scary people flock to me even more...
  • This guy pumps my gas without me even asking him to. Kind of a big deal if ya ask me.

  • I only have a 4 day work week then it's off to Vegas on Friday to see my Mamma! Whoo hoo!

I hope you all have a great Monday.
Let's make it a good one!

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