Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Koreans...Gotta Love 'em

I went to Fasha's office yesterday to get an adjustment.
He likes to have me do these back exercises to improve my posture.
It involves me laying on my stomach, then lifting my head and arms back and holding it for a minute or so.
Anyway, as I'm doing this, Fasha decides to lay on the table next to me and do them as well.
Except, somehow, this didn't happen.
Princess Sophia came over, said something in Korean, then hopped. on. his. back.
I'm talkin' full on reverse cowgirl straddle.
She then proceeded to wiggle her butt around and hop up and down.
I was so baffled by this sight and was wondering when it would come to an end.
It just kept going and going.
I didn't think you'd believe me, so I made sure to get documented proof.
What kind of weird Asian massage thing is this?!

When it was finally over, Fasha hopped up off the table as if nothing strange had happened at all.
No. Big. Deal.

As I was leaving his office, he then proceeded to point at and touch a spot on my cheek.
"What's this?" he said.
"It's a zit, dad."
He then proceeds to say, "Oh...well you should cover that up."

This may seem harsh to you. But honestly, this is what I'm used to.
Roomie's mom is Korean and she's 10 times worse than Fasha.
I guess it's just a cultural thing to give your children criticism as a form of love?

Gotta love the guy though, he means well.
Even when he pinches my stomach to show the fat I need to lose, points out blemishes I need to cover, or still insists that I need to have a career in Chiropractic if I'm going to be successful, he still surprises me every now and then.
Last night, he called me and left a message.
I had explained to him that I was hesitant on going to Georgia for Christmas because prices were sky-high.
In no way was that me hinting or asking for him to pay it.
Lord knows I know how to milk that if I wanted to.
But this time, he just came out and offered to pay for my ticket to see my mamma and fam,
because he said, and I quote:
"You can't put a price on being with family. So if money is the issue, don't worry about it, I'd be more than happy to make that happen for you."
Thanks, Fasha. I heart you :)



  1. aw. was that supposed to make me cry...because it might have. fasha is so cool.

  2. Brought me to tears. I love that picture of you and your dad. (And I'm soooo sooo happy you're coming to GA for Christmas :)

  3. OMG!!!! That pic of Sophia on Dad was not pleasant :(

  4. sorry to break the lovey dovey family vibe....

    but i want a full on reverse cowgirl straddle female korean massage now too!

  5. He is right. Money should not be the reason to not meet your family. He is a wonderful man and these pictures will always remind you the love you all shared.



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