Friday, October 14, 2011

Korean Soap Drama

I'll try to keep this short and to the point.
But first, a refresher on the key characters of yesterday's drama-lama.

Here's Mutha:

Here's Fasha:

and here's Princess Sophia (Fasha's Korean speaking wife):

Why do I call her Princess Sophia?
Well, let's take a little gander down memory lane real quick like.
A little over a year ago, my Mutha was living in California.
She lived here.
My home since I was 3.

Then one day, Princess Sophia decided that she wanted to live in said house.
She felt that being a "Doctor's Wife" deserved living in a house that portrayed that.
So blah blah, poo poo, doo doo....
She got what she wanted.
And Mutha moved to Georgia to be with Brother and Baby.

Far, far away from Mishi,
Which makes Mishi sad.
But that's beside the point.
During the transitional move of houses, there were some boxes that Mutha left in the attic.
Boxes that contained family history, old family photos, her old yearbooks, etc.

Princess Sophia decided she didn't want them in her house.
Anything that had Mutha's name or face on it needed to go!
Well blah blah, poo poo, doo doo....
I ended up taking those boxes so they wouldn't be thrown away and lost forever and have kept them ever since.

But, as you know, Roomie and I are moving Downtown tomorrow!
Along with that comes many exciting things, however we are majorly downgrading in the size department.
Which means, I had to majorly downsize my belongings.
Mutha's boxes included.

Fast forward to yesterday.
I kindly asked Fasha if I could "store some boxes" in his attic since I wouldn't have the space.
Did I tell him they were the exact boxes Princess Sophia loathed?
I figure: what Fasha doesn't know won't hurt him.
So yesterday, I brought all 5 boxes to his office for him to take home.
I stealthily wrote "BOOKS!" "DVD'S!" "MICHELLE'S STUFF!" all over them to disguise what was really inside them. Sneaky, I know.
I fooled you, Princess!!!!
....or did I?
According to my secret spy and accomplice, a.k.a front desk, Cam,
Princess Sophia arrived shortly after I left and immediately went to the boxes!
She even started to open one.
Lovely Cam quickly ran to Fasha and made it clear that "Michelle doesn't want anyone going through her boxes."
So Fasha went to PS and told her to stop.
So then PS huffed and puffed, grumbled and yelled something in Korean, then kicked my mutha effen box!
Who does that?
Who kicks a box because they can't open it when it belongs to someone else??
Cam thinks Princess Sophia remembers those boxes and knows they're my Mutha's things.
But who cares, she shouldn't be snooping through them!
What if it really was private things?
What if I had a weird obsession with rabbit/mouse dolls and I didn't want anyone to know??

These are things that baffle me, but really all I could do was laugh hysterically when hearing this.
I tell ya people, I know I can be dramatic, but Princess Sophia is THE QUEEN OF DRAMA.
So I finished the day with this text to Fasha:

Yeah, yeah...I may have milked it a bit with the "daddy-so grateful" talk.
That's all.
Hope it was as entertaining for you as it was for me.

I will end on this note:
Between me, you, and the world, I think Princess Sophia should write, direct, and star in her own Korean Soap Opera.
She'd make a fortune.

Have a LOVELY weekend!!!


  1. haha - PS is craaazy. love this story!

  2. Oh, step parents, don't cha just love 'em!

  3. This is quite the funny story. Love your blog :) New follower through Shades Of Gray....:)

  4. hahah glad a clicked on the "Princess Sophia" link. Umm Me no like PS.. She sounds like an evil drama queen.. I really hope she NEVER messes with those boxes again!

  5. Okay, so I am just now reading this post because of the link back to it from your recent post and HOLY CRAP! Princess Sophia reminds me of MY dad's wife, she is cray cray!! I am glad she hasn't come between you and Fasha like my dad's wife has for me! What a crazy lady! Good luck when you have to deal with her next month! Eeeek!!



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