Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i heart san diego

sometimes, i like to put on roomie's old hat and bring out my inner asian.
send me to disneyland and i'd fit right in...yes?

then i like to walk around the city and pretend i'm a real live pro photog

Palm Trees. ZERO filter...furreal.
Is that some color or what?

View from my balcony.
Taken with my Canon Rebel, filter from Instagram.

happy tuesday, ya'll.

P.S. Roomie and I saw Footloose last night.
It's gay and I loved it.
I will ask this again: Why did my mother put me in PIANO instead of DANCE?!
Oh yeah...'cause I'm ASIAN.

1 comment:

  1. I lived in San Diego for close to 5 years. I'm an Ex Navy wife.
    Looking at all your San Diego tag is a total flashback!
    I can't say I 100% miss it, but I definitely hold memories there and I miss the good old days, with me and my girls :/ (We all moved to different locations)
    Thanks for bringing back the memories!



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