Friday, October 7, 2011

Cheers to the freakin' weekend...

roomie and i get the keys to our new place today!
however, we won't be doing the major move of furniture until the 15th.
that won't stop us from taking advantage of the new place now though and sleeping over sans furniture.
fortunately, we're asian....and asians know how to sleep. anywhere. anytime. straight floor included.
we could probably sleep like these two asians...with a rose between us. who knows. but it's probable.

maybe this is too much info, maybe it's not. but i'm going to share anyway.
roomie and i are running low on toilet paper. there, i said it.
the logical side of me doesn't want to buy more then have another thing i have to worry about moving to the new place....because, you know....toilet paper is so heavy and inconvenient to move.
so maybe yesterday, when i was at my dad's office, i went to the bathroom and put two rolls in my purse.
maybe not.
making this public information has made me slightly ashamed for stealing toilet paper from my dad.
moving on.

i was looking through old pictures and came across this lovely gem with the vickster that we took back in june.
i love coming across forgotten pictures. brings back good memories and fun times that were had.
have a lovely weekend, ya'll.



  1. hahahaa - i. love. this.
    also, i SO would have stolen some TP.

    were it not my anniversary this weekend, i would totally be sleeping on your floor this weekend. congrats friend.

  2. That rose picture kills me. amazing!



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