Thursday, September 8, 2011

Princess Sophia

I wish I had the energy to be clever.
Especially on a post like this.
Don't get too excited though, I've got a feeling it won't happen.
Maybe it's this lame heat wave that's been going on,
because Hot Damn it'


Yesterday was Fasha's wife's birthday.
AKA: Princess Sophia.

I dragged Roomie up to Escondildo with me so I wouldn't have to endure an evening with Full Fledged Koreans alone.
I figured, she's 1/2 Korean too...she'll understand more than my "White Friends."

Peace signs. We fit right in.

The moment I walked into that house...
I couldn't help but wish I had my own reality show.
That way, I could share with the world the amazing moments that were about to happen.
I'll do my best with the next best thing: This Blog.

I went to the backyard where all the Koreans loomed.
Oh, what do we have here?
Korean BBQ.
Korean AT the BBQ.

But wait. What is that I see?
A man with a....headdress?
Yes. That would be EJ: Princess Sophia's son.
What a Dynamic Duo, those two...

Moving on.
After grabbing some food from the ol' Bar-B-Q,
one would think to get a drink, correct?
So, let's head on over to the drink bin.
Care for some Juice, Beer, Wine, Soda, or Yogurt?
Because you can have it all.
Don't. Mind. If. I. Do.

After grabbing the goods, Roomie and I took a seat...
Now why have I not thought to purchase one of these bad boys for my home?
I mean, it's basically a necessity...
In Southern California...
Where the temperature can get to death defying lows.

Brother, Roomie, and I decided to head inside where we could talk, in English,
and enjoy some wine.
What are these you ask?
Oh, they're goblets.
Because that's how Princess Sophia does it here at her castle.
Wine glasses? Psshh...I spit on those.

A few more moments pass and it's time to present the cake.
Yes, Koreans do birthday cakes too. Weird, right?
Us "Kids" brought out the cake to Princess Sophia.
She was quite happy.
So happy, she wanted to express her gratitude for each one of us.
She proceeded to point at us and say our names before starting her Korean speech.
I kid you not, this is how it went down.
(Insert Korean accent)
Points to Brother: "Matthew.."
Points to EJ: "EJ.."
Points to Katie: "Katie.."
Points to me: .....................................Nothing.
After a very long pause of what I can only assume her trying to remember my name,
(It even got to the point of awkward silence where someone in the back had to whisper my name aloud)
it finally clicked: "Michelle.."
Oh, you make my heart grow for you.

I will leave you with this lovely video that Roomie and I created in hopes of sharing a little more magic from this castle of Korean love.
I personally think they don't have ENOUGH decorations in their home.
What do you think?

Happy Thursday, my Friends.


  1. Shelley, you crack me up. Which one is Sofia, the older lady in the yellow outfit? (I've never seen her).

  2. I'm completely stalking all your posts right now. And I might have spit out some water due to my hysterical laughing about the yogurt in the cooler. You are cracking me up! And I might be starting to love your hilarious Korean family.

  3. My Dad's current wife is Korean. However, she is slightly craaaazy. I mean REALLY. Growing up, I thought life with my Japanese mother and all her "eccentricities" was unreal. Parents divorce, Mom never remarried (thank GAWD), Dad marries crazy Korean lady. He apparently has the yellow fever. It does make for great fodder to crack my white friends up. Looking at your pics reminds me of what holidays are like at their house. I HATE going because she makes me nuts. But hey, at least she's taking care of the old man so I don't have to :D



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