Monday, September 12, 2011

News Flash

Something's happening to me,
and I can't quite explain why.

Friday night, Roomie and I decided to NOT go out.
Instead, we made a run to Vons at 9pm and rented a movie.
At least I dressed up for the occasion.

When we got home, we proceeded to have a 
"Chip-Throw-In-Mouth" contest.
I lost.

Saturday, I spent with V Dizzle III.
We went to the beach, NOT to bar hop.
Instead, he taught me about his camera and photography.
Ya know: Iso, The Aperture, Shutter speed.
He let me take a bunch of pictures at the beach to practice.
Needless to say,
I'm pretty pro now.
That evening, we opted to STAY IN.
Watched a movie and took more pictures from his window
that overlooks Downtown San Diego.
Fun times were had.

"Sunday Funday" was filled with football.
His idea, not mine.
BUT! Instead of at a bar,
it was spent on my couch, saving mula.
I even made dinner for the guy.
Which I'm pretty certain he didn't like, 
but he was nice enough to force down 2 servings just to make me feel better.
I never said I was a cook, people.

But what I'm really getting at is, do you notice a trend here?
Mish did NOT go out ALL weekend.
I think turning 25 has really aged me.
I just didn't have the urge.
Instead, I found entertaining things to do, for free.
My Mutha will be so proud.

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Happy Monday!

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