Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lies and a Strip Club

I have a confession to make.
I lied to "V."
Sort of.
Okay, yes I did.
But let me explain.

The other night, I was sitting on my bathroom counter and staring intently at every pore on my face.
I went a little crazy at this one spot on my nose.
I couldn't stop. It was just so gratifying.
Bad, bad idea.
Because the next morning, I woke up looking like this:
(P.S. This picture does NOT do the damage justice)

Normally, I wouldn't care. But this day happened to be a significant day for me.
"V" invited me to go to dinner and a concert with him.
I would be seeing him in mere hours and this thing was getting worse by the minute.
I couldn't admit to him that I had been squeezing and picking at my face like that of a meth addict.
I also couldn't NOT say anything and expect the guy not to notice the swamp on my nose.
It would be better to address it first so as to get the awkwardness out of the way.
So what comes blurting out of my mouth?
"I may or may not have burned myself with my curling iron."
Technically, I didn't blatantly lie.
It was his choice to believe the "may" and not the "may not" part.
I just didn't correct him.
Don't judge me.
Moving on.

This week it is San Diego Restaurant Week.
Several restaurants are participating and offer several selections from their menu at a discounted price.
We went to the Gaslamp Strip Club.

I've been wanting to go there for awhile now so I was really excited he made reservations for this place!
The restaurant had a nice ambiance to it.
We got to pick an appetizer (salad), main course (steak), side dish (potatoes), and dessert (cheesecake) all for just $30/person.
They bring the meat of choice and uncooked garlic bread to your table to which you are supposed to then take over to this fancy grill and cook it yourself.

Since we all know I'm not the best cook in the world, it was easily decided that he could cook the steaks and I would handle the garlic bread.
But I got to "throw it on the grill" so I could feel like I was a part of it.
Yum. Beef Juice.

I had the SIMPLE task of cooking the garlic bread on the grill.
And what do I do?
Burn it of course.
Because it's me. And I got distracted. And he had to remind me to flip it over.
Burnt garlic bread, anyone?

It's nice to know he enjoyed it so much.

Good food. Fun atmosphere. I'd definitely go again.
Afterwards we went to a Twin Shadow concert at The Casbah.
I had never heard of them before, but surprisingly it was a great show.
Indie Rock kind of feel to it.

Have a great day, lovers!



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