Friday, September 23, 2011


Roomie and I found our new home!!!!
As of October 8th, we will be official residents of Downtown San Diego!
We are $2000 poorer (is that a word?), but very excited!
We signed our lease yesterday with a lady that looks like this, know, with clothes on...

To give you an idea of where we'll be living...
Our new place will be just a few blocks from the Padres stadium.

The Trolley comes right by our place as well. So if I wanted to, I could take that straight to work in Old Town. I can get a monthly pass for $72 and save tons of mula on gas.

Or, since I'm only 4.3 miles from work, I could also start riding my bike and bring out my inner Lance Armstrong (and also maybe lose those extra 5lbs I've been carrying around). A few years ago, Fasha bought me a red Giant road bike. It even has the click-ins for the shoes. Pretty pro, I know. I once did a 26 mile bike ride, then basically never touched the thing again. But! It's never too late to

Endless possibilities with our new place.
I think this will be a great year.
For those of you who care (basically only my Mutha), here are pictures of the new place!

We're on the 3rd floor, and from our balcony we can see the Coronado bridge.

We really wanted granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances...
you know, so it could be nice for all the cooking we do...yeah...

This one is my room. Love that it has ceiling fans in both rooms.

This is Roomie's room. We also fell in love with the doors. Aren't they darling?

Have a great weekend, friends!!



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