Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bond. John Bond. - 007

Yes, I know it's "JAMES Bond."
But apparently Koreans think differently...

Let me back up a bit and tell you a little story about my Fasha.
You know, this guy:

Pure-Bred Korean.
Although at times he tries to disguise it as much as possible.
For example, with the hat in above picture.
I mean, he even had to text me to tell me he was wearing a hat just so I could recognize him at the airport. Good thing he did, because otherwise I would have mistook him for a common White Man.

Coming to America, he tried to "Americanize" himself as much as possible.
Of course Americans aren't born with the name "Hoon." 
(Yes, his name is Hoon. Rhymes with Moon.)
So Fasha went through a little stint where he told people his name was "Jonathan."
Apparently, we can just change our names whenever we feel like it here.
This is America...let freedom reign.

On top of the love for the "American Name" Jonathan, he had a thing with James Bond. (It's possible he still does)
So much so, that he seemed to incorporate most things with the trademark: 007
His passwords had it...
His email had it...
He would even pretend to talk like him at times:
(Insert Korean accent trying to sound like a British accent)
"The name's Bond....James Bond...."

I never really thought much of it because I assumed he was just a unique and odd individual and hey, whatever floats his Korean boat.

Well guess the eff what??
Fast forward to TODAY.
My phone rings. 
I get a call from a Korean man.
(I can spot those accents from a mile away)
He told me his name was John.
(Yeah, right)
He then gave me his email:

It hit me.
Koreans want to be James (John) Bond.
It makes them feel cool and Westernized, I guess.
Maybe they think us silly Americans will be fooled by their sly ways into thinking they're more "American" by changing their names and throwing in random 007 references?
Sure. Whatever makes them happy.

....But uh...They DO know that James Bond isn't American though, right?


  1. hahha - i must meet this fasha someday.

  2. He was also known as Chris, Christopher, Greg, Immanuel and would have taken Michael if I didn't quickly grab it and give it to your brother!



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