Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where is the time going?

I have no time to blog.
I have no time to email.
I have no time to read all of my favorite blogs.
I have no time to work-out.
Ha. That last one was a joke.
We all know I don't work out.

I'm leaving for Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow.
Work thing.
Trade Show.
Super excited, actually.
But which means I have even less time to do shiz-nit.
It's okay.
I'm happy.
I'm taking things as they come.
Or at least trying to.

Wanted to post pics from Georgia, though.

My dog, Toby

Big fan of this chair. Big.

Lake House View.
I drove a boat for the first time!

I went to a Drive-In for the first time....Don't ask why i was hunched. I couldn't tell ya.

This is what I wore to play Frisbee Golf. Hot...I know.

AAaaannnnndddddd.....this is how I feel right now with all the crap i need to do:

Happy Tuesday!


  1. first, i thought you hunched at the drive-in was not you and it was a tree - a broken palm tree or something dark like that. but then i read your caption and noticed your pretty back. second, i like the last photo and still need to see all of those. stat. thanks.

  2. Excuse me??? MY DOG, TOBY!!!
    And I love the last pic of you.



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