Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salt Lake City

So here I am in Utah.
Sitting in my Comfort Inn Suites room, using the world's slowest laptop.
It's seriously painful how slow this computer is (got it from work).
You should feel special that I'm even blogging right now, because it makes me want to throw this
laptop across the room.
I think back to the "Dial-up" days and can't imagine how I ever lived (cue dramatics).

Zach (co-worker) and I had a layover in Las Vegas for about an hour and a half.
That's probably the best airport ever. Furreal.
Seeing all those sparkly, shiny slot machines calling my name.
I didn't have any cash on me, otherwise you bet your sweet bottom I would have been playing.
I even went to the extent of searching the airport for an ATM machine.
No luck.
Probably a good thing. I just may have missed my flight due to my addiction.

Arrived in Salt Lake City around 3:30pm.
I've never been here.
I kept looking around, hoping to see famous blogger NieNie.
No luck.
Probably a good thing. I just may have scared her with my smiling and waving like a crazy person.

Went straight to the convention center in Downtown Salt Lake City.
Outdoor Retailer is having their annual convention.
We set up our booth for Lightspeed Tents.
The convention starts tomorrow.
Zach says I can be the "Booth Babe" and hopefully attract potential buyers.
I'm not opposed to being said "Babe."

I feel really good about being on this trip.
It makes me feel important.
I feel like I'm finally able to make contributions that matter to this company.
I just hope one day it gets recognized.
Because as of now...not so much.
I shouldn't complain though.
But I can.
So I will sometimes.

It probably wasn't the best idea for me and Roomie to go out last night for Taco Tuesday.
But our good friends, Erico and Matthew wanted to.
Annndd...knowing me, do you really expect me to turn down margaritas and tacos?
If I didn't go...then I never would have gotten this awesome picture with these ladies:

I don't know much about them.
In fact, I know nothing.
But I do know I joined them in a karaoke rendition of
"Scrubs" by TLC.
Yes, El Torito has karaoke on Tuesday nights.

Alcohol makes everyone best friends....Notice the hand holding by Roomie:

Also, if I didn't go...I wouldn't have been able to sing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" either.
And we all know the crowd would have missed that.
I could tell by their blank stares when I was done.

Maybe I shouldn't have had 3 margaritas plus 4 shots of tequila the night before a business trip.
Just maybe.
Guess that means I'm a champ?

I miss blogging.
I miss my free time.
I shall soon get back into the rhythm.
Because I know how you all get SO disappointed when you don't see a post from me ;)

I'm deliriously tired now.
It's time for me to hit the hay.
(Where did that saying come from and what could it possibly mean that it relates to sleeping?)



  1. I'm so proud of you! Your first business trip :) I know you're going to attract lots of customers. Love you!!!

  2. taco tuesday AND karaoke!!?!?! el torito, i love you. and i will see you next week.

  3. people used to sleep in hay, duh.



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