Monday, August 15, 2011

My Weekend..

Good Morning, lovelies...
Normally, on a cloudy Monday like today,
one could call me Grumpy McGrumperson.
However, despite the 6am wake-up this morning,
a lost debit card over the weekend,
and realizing I've somehow managed to spend $700 on my AMEX,
I'm quite chipper.

Lemme show ya:

This here toothbrush sings.
As I brush my teeth.
Justin Bieber.
Not only ONE, but TWO songs.
Pretty sure this is the coolest b-day present.
(Thanks, Bri!!)

Saturday night, Bri came in from Chicago to see me and Roomie.
We hit the town and had a grand ol' time.

Yesterday, we decided to go to Pacific Beach
and have a little Sunday Funday.
Funday it was.
We started at Firehouse
and had Caesar Salads and cocktails on their rooftop

I feel as though I wear this dress a lot.

Then we headed over to BeachWood to continue the Sunday Funday festivities.

Though this weekend consisted of regrettable late-night Mexican food (x2),
I must say, it was a lot of fun.
Though I had an awkward run in with a friend of (ex)boyfriend's at BeachWood,
I didn't let that stop my wheel o' laughters.

...and I was quite lucky that Bri's Pitbull, Charlie,
decided to have massive diarrhea in Roomie's room and not mine.
Thanks, Charlie.
Sorry, Roomie.

Happy Monday!




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