Monday, August 29, 2011


This may or may not have been the theme for my Saturday night..

Roomie, Bri, and I had ourselves a grand time in good ol' El Lay over the weekend.

We went shopping on Melrose...
(Never disappoints in the entertainment factor)

I bought a man's $26 Subway lunch when his card didn't work after 324 swipes through the machine...
First of all, why couldn't the lady enter it in manually?
Second of all, how does one spend $26 at Subway?
Needless to say...
He told me I was the nicest person in the world.
What can I say, I'm basically a saint.

Had dinner at Katsuya on Saturday night.
Really great Japanese food.
Fancy Schmancy type place.
They even had an overly tan, reaks of Hollywood, door man.
He acted like he owned the place as he stared each customer down upon entering.
Buddy, you're a door man slash wannabe actor.
Let's move on.

Roomie and I met Bri's new boyfriend, David.
We approve.
But if I have to see one more butt grab between them,
I just may vomit.

After Roomie and I got home, I went to see "V."
We went and saw "Rising of the Planet of the Apes."
Based on this picture alone, I'm sure you can understand when I say
it wasn't anything award winning.

It was, however, a great excuse to cuddle and hold hands for 2 hours.
No complaints here..

Hope you all had great weekends.
Let's get through this Monday quickly, shall we?




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