Thursday, August 18, 2011

Memory Lane

Last night, my friend JP cooked me dinner
as a belated birthday thing-a-ling.

Salmon and brown rice with squash and zucchini:

Upon my new-found promise to try new things:
I've discovered that I actually like squash and zucchini.
(This whole "turning 25 thing" has really matured me, I know.)

JP and I have known each other since we were 16.
When we first met, our Junior year of High School,
there was instant attraction.
We "dated" for about 3 months (if you can even call it that),
then realized we were better off as friends.
Almost 9 years later, here we are, still great friends.

He was showing me some pictures of us back in the day.
I couldn't believe it!
With THAT?!

My how we have grown!
Let's take another look at Little Michelle
(who, btw, thought she was the Bomb Dot Com):

Look at that sly smile.
That stylish black plastic necklace.
Gosh...who could resist?!

I am thankful for good food and good friends.
But more importantly,
I am thankful I grew out of that awkward stage (...or have I?)

Have a lovely Thursday, uurrbody <---(Gangsta way of saying "everybody")




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