Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm kind of a big deal

Yesterday, at work, I got this lovely envelope in the mail:

I love stickers and I love sparkly things.
So this immediately made me smile.
Then, I opened it...
Please note the MISSPELLING of my last name.

This lady is about 85 years old.
Bless her little heart...and her little poems.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh and special shout out to: Rowdy Matt
After much harassment on my end, he finally became a "Follower."
He is now cool.
Don't YOU want to be cool too?
Yes, YOU, who reads my blog regularly,
but has commitment issues, clearly.
If you want to be cool...just go ahead and click that "Follow" button.
K, thanks.


  1. How Sweet! We're going to see more exibitions in your office.

  2. you're like an art collector. that much is very rare.



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