Thursday, August 11, 2011

Date Night

"V" invited me over last night for a little Datey McDate Night.
He said he would pick up some food and wine,
then we could have a little relaxin' in his rooftop hot tub.

Sign me up!

Some of you know that Mish is a wee-bit picky when it comes to food.
So before I left for "V's" I ate a piece of whole wheat pita bread and hummus.
You know...just in case I hate what he gets.
He texted me: "Do you like Chinese?"
Sure, Chinese is a good Go-To....
Please tell me how in the world someone thinks "Chinese food" then gets THIS:

I tried my hardest to disguise my disgust and not vomit all over his kitchen counter.
What are those?!
Giant shrimp?
"Prawns," he says.
Are those LEGS??
Oh my...
I gave a small forced smile and said, 
"Oh! Well...I've never had prawns before...This should be...interesting!"
Ladies and gentleman....I am proud to announce:
Mish ate PRAWNS last night and did NOT throw up all over his kitchen counter.
Not BAD.
Am I going to rush to the nearest Chinese restaurant today at lunch
so I can order some more prawns?
But am I proud of myself for trying something new?

Oh, and to top it all off,
I got this lovely present on my car this morning:

Thanks, San Diego!!


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