Friday, August 12, 2011

Coffee Addict

I ran a little late getting to work this morning.
So I decided to be responsible and not stop by Starbucks to avoid being extra late.
I told myself I didn't need the coffee.
I could get through one morning without it.
No. Big. Deal.

I made it till 9:45am.
Then the twitching began, along with the slow rocks back and forth and glazed look in my eye.
All I could think about was that sweet, sweet liquid.
And how I needed it.
(I'm not saying I'm proud of this. Blame Starbucks)

I then, like a crazy person, went in search of some coffee.
All I could find was:
Green Tea (no, thanks)
Decaf (What the...)
and some gross Mud Slide crap.

I THEN walked across the street to this mediocre coffee shop,
only to find they had been shut down.
With a tear in my eye, I resorted to walking down the hall
to complain about my coffee woes to my friend Vickster.
She graciously made me coffee the old fashioned way.
In a pot.
Coffee grinds and all.
I was impressed.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is:
Vickster...You saved my life.
And for that...I thank you.
Starbucks...I love you.
Let's never break-up.



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