Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wanna go on a ride?

let me share with you the roller coaster of emotions i had today...

good lord, i am such a GIRL sometimes.
it's just one of those days where everything is making me emotional.
maybe it's because aunt flow will be coming to town soon, who knows.
it all started with me stepping on my scale this morning and realizing i'm 4 pounds heavier than my lowest weight this year.
maybe those 4 pounds are because roomie and i went to carl's junior last night after J Bar, who knows.
regardless, it proceeded with a loud profanity that i literally said out loud...as if that word could scare the scale into saying, "just kidding, you're really not that weight, i just did it to see your reaction."
i stepped back on...scale wasn't kidding. 
damn you, scale. damn you.

i then proceeded to get to work to realize i had to train the new guy to do my job that i learned in 2 months to be able to do in a mere 3 days while i am gone to Georgia next week.
if you know me, you know that patience is not in my vocabulary.
no really...what does patience mean? i could not tell you.
he's asian though...quick learner i'm coming to find out.

i had a bit of a break in my irritation levels when Brother told me i was getting two passes to this year's Comic Con on thursday.
any time i can get the chance to see this will instantly brighten my day...
(don't lie and tell me it wouldn't yours too...)

things quickly plummeted again when i told my boss that i had completed 6 months worth of objectives in a matter of 3 weeks (to which a raise was promised) to then be told that i would still have to wait till the 6 months was over because they could just add more objectives to fill the time. 
gee. thanks.

i read some more news on J Lo and Marc Anthony's split and found myself upset about that.
why should i even care?
why did it put thoughts of eternal relationship doom in my head? 
"if J Lo and Marc Anthony can't make it, no one can!"
what the crap?

then I found myself getting emotional when i finished the book Flowers in the Attic.
those poor children!
their mother is a real piece of WORK!
their poor brother was killed!
the brother and sister have been forever scarred and now can only love one another, physically and emotionally! how sick and twisted...and touching?
WHY would i think a brother and sister relationship would be romantic and touching?
what a creeper, michelle!

**Side note: feel free to stop reading this rant and forever think i'm a weird, emotional wreck**

things progressively got more dramatic for me as the day went on.
i'll just blame it on Aunt Flow's soon-to-be arrival.
unless she doesn't come, then we got a whole 'nother set of problems....wait, what?

i'm going bowling in a few hours. maybe that'll cheer me up.
OR...maybe a nice, tall vodka cran will.....?
Cue: Alcoholics Anonymous



  1. I love you! Cheer up....won't be long now :)

  2. what?!? you didnt tell me they said that - crap! you totally exceeded expectations! grrr. i still think you're marvelous, friend!



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