Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis Rant

Good morning.
How are you?
That's good....oh, me?
Ya know...tired. burnt out.
I'd like to blame it on this past weekends festivities, but part of me thinks it runs a little deeper than that.

Ready for this?

I've been getting urges to pick up and travel for a year. Where? It really doesn't matter as long as it's outside the U.S.
I'm thinking Asia. Go back to my people.
If I don't do it now: single, childless, and under 30, then when will I?
I've got enough money to carry me through and get to see some amazing places.
Maybe it doesn't have to be a full year, but how about 6 months?
I've been reading this blog called The Traveling Triplets.
They're super cute, super fun, and super adventurous. Super, right?
They're about 22 years old and talk about how they travel all over the world on a budget, with their super hot husbands.
I know. 22. married to hot sex men. traveling. ....just great.
But anyway, it just makes me think...why not? Who says we have to live our lives the way society tells us we should? Why can't we go against the "norm" and do what we really want?

(dramatic sigh)

I'm just tired of this day-to-day routine of.....what? Work and Jager Bombs? Gets a little old.
(Fast forward to this Friday as I completely forget about this post while shooting back some cold Jager)
Maybe I'm just having a Quarter-Life Crisis.

I've been having this "Anti-Men" kick lately, too.
I don't want a relationship, most of them tend to annoy me, and I'm thinking about just using them for their bodies.
Bad idea? Meh. I don't think so. So many of them do the exact same thing and seem to be just fine.
I met an extremely attractive man this past Sunday at J Bar...I would have no problem using that body of his... (cue fanning of the face as I get all hot and bothered).

Okay, but for real, I'm just...searching. For something. I'm going to be twenty-five years old in 17 days. What am I doing with my life? Why do I feel like there should be something more? Okay, 25 is not OLD by any means. I am still young and have much living to do, this I know. But am I living the life I thought I would back in my carefree 16-year-old days? No. Am I unhappy? No. Just....searching.

Jeez......How did I get so D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C?

Maybe I should start a new Blog Tradition: Meltdown Wednesdays?


UPDATE: That "extremely attractive man" I met was The Dizzle, FYI ;)


  1. Do it! You will regret it forever if you don't. I had the chance to travel to Germany during my early 20s but passed it up due to stupidity. I could have stayed the entire summer in a traditional thatched roof house for *FREE*. At that time I had plenty of money, no bills and not a care in the world. I will kick myself until the day I die for that decision. :(

  2. The greatest joys in life come from helping others. There is always "something missing" when you live only for your own pleasure. When you have a desire for something more....give to someone or someones who have no way to give back. Bring pleasure to someone else and you'll reap the rewards in your own satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. Love you!

  3. Backing it up with one more "DO IT"!



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