Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Night In

Last night, I decided to have a quiet night in. Alone.
I politely declined invitations to hang out.
This time was much needed.
I watched the entire Season 2 of this:
(which, ps, I could watch any day, any time, anywhere, any episode)

Throughout the night, as I mindlessly watched Sex and the City....I consumed this:

and this:

and this:

and 3 of these:

I guess when I'm not drinking this:

or this:

I get really hungry?

Happy Thursday! =)


P.S. You still have one day left to win THIS


  1. haha! yum! i could watch satc anytime, anywhere too baby! never gets old.

  2. You did good, Sweetheart! I wish I had the will power you have :/

  3. Ha! Change that to a cheesy horror movie marathon, quart of fudge brownie ice cream (oh yes, dreams do come true) and a gallon of milk, and you would have been me on Sunday night. ;)



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