Friday, July 15, 2011

Holy Mother of Hangover

Apparently, I have no will power.
I told myself I would only have TWO drinks on my date last night.
Tell me how that turned into FIVE?
Five drinks on an empty stomach = never a good idea.

Nonetheless, I had a really good time...from what I can remember.
Yep, that drunk.

He's a sweet guy.
Easy to talk with.
Seems to have his shit together.
I'd definitely like to see him again.
So here's to hoping I didn't make a drunken fool of myself!

P.S. My friend, Zana, is in to photography and asked to use me for a photo shoot.
It was super fun!
My fave was using the scarf...made me feel artsy fartsy.
Here are a few of the pics!



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