Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Georgian Tales

My blood must be the best tasting blood west of the Mississippi. I think the 20+ mosquito bites from the first day alone is an indicator. And that was even with bug spray on. What is it that the kids are saying these days? FML? Yeah, that.

Also, shouldn't I be wide awake around 8pm because technically my body thinks it's 5pm according to California time? Yeah, not this girl. Mish is fast asleep on the couch while everyone is BBQ-ing steaks. Thanks, guys. I'd blame it on the time change, but that just doesn't seem like a valid excuse when I try and do the math..
It's also odd to me that this morning I am wide awake sans alarm at 8am, which in my head I calculate to 5am PST. Never in my life has this happened. I think it's ungodly to be awake at such an hour. I don't know why my body decides to deceive me now. Must come with the territory after turning 25...I can't kick it like I used to.

Anyway, besides the death defying blood suckers and sleep oddities, Georgia has been quite enjoyable. I wish I had a computer so I could show you some pictures, like the one of a cell phone charger you can buy at the grocery store...for a NOKIA. Did you catch that? A NOKIA. I'm pretty sure I haven't had a NOKIA since 2001. Just sayin'...

I'm trying my hardest to bring out my inner Country Girl...Yet, I'm quickly realizing that girl doesn't exist.


1 comment:

  1. You know what I hate about mosquito is not that they bite, they talk when they bite like celebrating their once-for-a-while big blood fest! That's what annoys me.
    Well, still, have a nice trip Mish!



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