Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cool? Not so much...Part Deux

You know what's cool?
Deciding to go get a small TRIM to make my hair look nice and healthy.
So, I was in Korea Town yesterday (random?) and decided
to go to this Korean lady.
You know what's not so cool?
I told her, "Only HALF an inch, that's it. Just a LITTLE bit."
(Insert Korean accent)
"Ooh okay, okay. I cut little bit for you. Ooh, you so pretty. Niiicce hair."
Fast forward to the end of the cut and, oh is now a good TWO INCHES
shorter than I wanted.
(Insert Korean accent)
"Ooh, I see more split end. I cut off. That okay? Too short?"
Leave it to the Koreans to just go right ahead with what they want to do
without thinking about what you want first.

You know what's cool?
I was at the nail salon yesterday getting a pedicure and I saw these girls putting
feathers in their hair.
Apparently, it's all the rage. 
So the lady asked if I wanted to put some feathers in my hair...
Sure, why not?

You know what's not so cool?
The two most common responses are:
"Oh, you got some highlights or streaks in your hair?"
Um. No. Asians don't highlight.
"Um..there's something in your hair..." (disgusted look on face)
Feather fail.

You know what's cool?
Going to watch Brother at his bowling league last night
and 2 of his teammates didn't show up so they needed a Sub.
I gladly accepted because I'm AMAZING at bowling....
Except, you know what's not so cool?
-Having to buy $3.25 socks from said bowling alley
-Smudging my newly painted toes from wearing said socks in rented shoes
-Bowling a 106 and thinking I'm the shiz-nit
-Looking as awkward as I did in this little ensemble

Hot. I know.

You know what's cool?
Having Brother, Future S-I-L, and Bryson in town.
Having my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Phillip want to come see them.
Inviting them over to my Dad's for tonight's BBQ so they can see the fam.
You know what's not so cool?
This chick.
Meet Princess Sophia.
My Dad's wife.
No. She is not my mother.

As soon as Princess Sophia found out my Aunt and Uncle (from my Mom's side)
were wanting to come to HER house, she flipped her shit, apparently.
Last night, Brother texted me saying we needed to make reservations
at a restaurant instead because Princess Sophia was
"having a mental meltdown."
**Just picture a Korean lady screaming in Korean gibberish with raging Korean eyes...that's about what it looks like**

Just when I was starting to tolerate her in my life, she goes crazy.
She doesn't want anything or anyone that has to do with my Mamma near her
or her HUSBAND.
No, it doesn't make sense.
Yes, it's unreasonable.
I'd tell her that, but she wouldn't understand the English.
Moving on.

You know what's cool?
Starting this new homeopathic weight loss program
that my Dad gave me called HGC.
It's basically these drops you put under your tongue before each meal.
Then for the next few weeks, I eat about 500-800 calories,
all the while, this HGC is helping my body to burn
the abnormal, excess fats, rather than just the lean fats and muscle
were I to just consume little calories without the HGC hormones.
Or so it says.
You know what's not so cool?
The first 2 days of this, I'm supposed to eat foods high in fat.
The more the better, as this is supposed to be
important to the "phase 2" fat burning phase.
So, this morning, I went to Burger King.
2 Egg and Cheese croissants.
1 Medium hashbrowns.
1 Iced Coffee.
Um, can I go vomit now, please?
I feel like shit.
After this first phase of high fat intake, I then move to
Phase 2. This is where I'll consume 500-800 calories per day.
Protein, fruits/veggies, lots of liquids.
Wish me luck.
Just 7 more pounds to lose and I'll be back at my college weight!




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