Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Awesome and Awkward Moments of Bowling

Last night, I went to sub for Brother's bowling league.
Their team name: The Hookers
My go-to Bowling Name: Asia
(Because I may or may not have always, not-so-secretly wished my name was that)
Game 1: 99
Game 2: 102
Game 3: 133
I think it's safe to say I should quit my day job and become a professional bowler...No?

As awesome as bowling know: 
the team support no matter how crappy you bowl, 
the only place you'll hear top hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and today,
artery clogging food, 
$3.50 beer, 
...there were some moments last night that made
me seriously consider why I subjected myself to that place.

Yes, camaraderie can be great.
But after about 6,253 high fives with sweaty, clammy palms
from complete strangers, I found myself resorting to the "fist bump."
Which, I'm pretty sure I once vowed to never do again back in 2000.
I was going to the bathroom like a person with OCD,
ferociously scrubbing my hands with hot water and soap any chance I got, 
yet never feeling quite like new.
I finally had to stand there with my arms crossed and substitute the high-five support with a big smile and an:
"Alright! Good job!" while silently praying they wouldn't try to touch me.
There was this one little fat man whom every time he high-fived me
would then do a quick "fake-out" punch to my stomach.
......yeah. He did that. Several times.
I still almost feel violated.

Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" came on.
I couldn't help but belt out my best rendition, complete with my own "Hand Microphone."
(Don't judge, you would have too)
From then on, Fat Sweaty Man called me "Karaoke."
As in, "Let's go Karaoke!!! You got this Karaoke!!!!"
Um...hello, my name is ASIA. Duh.

Another awesome, yet awkward moment were my shoes.
Yes, that is a hole in the side.
Yes, that is my sock-covered toe hanging out.
No, there were no judgments from my fellow Bowling Buds.
Because they're awesome.

All in all, it was a grand ol' time that I'm sure I will partake in many more times in my lifetime.
Maybe I should start bringing my own hand sanitizer.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I'm the girl that thinks taking a picture of Blue Balls is funny...


  1. i'll call you asia if you want! i had a friend named aja once... you're way cooler. even though you enjoy bowling.

  2. omg, I've always hated bowling. probably because I suck.

  3. Ahhhh.......I love you so much :)



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