Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maybe Kids Just Aren't For Me

Now, don't get me wrong...I love my nephew more than I could possibly describe. He is the cutest little bundle of joy and I have had so much fun with him this week in Georgia...but when I feel the need to toss back 3 Vodka Crans at a Red Lobster (yes, classy, I know) just to try and drown out his heathen screams, it makes me think: maybe I'm just not a "Kid's Person." I find myself staring at him as he throws his temper tantrums...and I have this look of...not necessarily disgust, per se, but something short of that. And's not's just...this little human that...screams...and throws things.

People always say: When it's your kids, it's different. Yeah, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I could still look at my own children with a hint of, "Maybe I made a mistake and is it too soon to send them to boarding school?"

...and then he just looked up at me and gave the biggest smile and a wave. Melted my heart, he did.
Okay, maybe I will have a kid...or four.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Good News: I showered. In a real shower. You're welcome.

Bad News: Mosquito bites now look like welts.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random thoughts from Georgia..

It's been 2 days since I've had a shower...unless you count yesterday when I washed my hair in the lake.

I went to my first drive-in movie last night. We saw Harry Potter. It was super fun. I have three regrets: French fries, nachos, and peanut m&m's.

My body aches more than I can begin to describe to you. When you are hanging on to a tube for dear life as a boat drags you behind it at death defying speeds and you are terrified of being tossed into the water and skipped across the lake like a rock, I guess you're bound to be sore.

My face feels (as Austin Powers would say) "toit like a tiger" from this 90 degree sun.

I drove a boat for the first time yesterday.

I'm laying on the dock right now as I'm writing this, soaking in as much nature as I can before we head back to civilization, because something tells me I won't be back for a very long time.

Guess I gotta stop blogging now. My eyes are burning from all the sun screen I doused myself in.

Until next time...Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Georgian Tales

My blood must be the best tasting blood west of the Mississippi. I think the 20+ mosquito bites from the first day alone is an indicator. And that was even with bug spray on. What is it that the kids are saying these days? FML? Yeah, that.

Also, shouldn't I be wide awake around 8pm because technically my body thinks it's 5pm according to California time? Yeah, not this girl. Mish is fast asleep on the couch while everyone is BBQ-ing steaks. Thanks, guys. I'd blame it on the time change, but that just doesn't seem like a valid excuse when I try and do the math..
It's also odd to me that this morning I am wide awake sans alarm at 8am, which in my head I calculate to 5am PST. Never in my life has this happened. I think it's ungodly to be awake at such an hour. I don't know why my body decides to deceive me now. Must come with the territory after turning 25...I can't kick it like I used to.

Anyway, besides the death defying blood suckers and sleep oddities, Georgia has been quite enjoyable. I wish I had a computer so I could show you some pictures, like the one of a cell phone charger you can buy at the grocery store...for a NOKIA. Did you catch that? A NOKIA. I'm pretty sure I haven't had a NOKIA since 2001. Just sayin'...

I'm trying my hardest to bring out my inner Country Girl...Yet, I'm quickly realizing that girl doesn't exist.


Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm a Georgia Peach...

Ha. Far from it. But this week, while I'm visiting my Mutha and Brother in Georgia, I'll do my best to fit in... I'm pretty sure I'm the only Asian in a 100 mile radius. I'm getting odd looks and stares like they've never seen my kind before, except on "the TV."

I'm off to the lake right now. My mom is driving while I'm laying here in the passenger seat trying to keep my eyes open. This time change is getting to me. Or maybe it's just because I'm in recovery mode from Birthday Weekend. Which was awesome...times 10. Special shout out to The Vickster for allowing me to partake in an amazing night complete with stripper poles and vodka. She's the bomb dot com. Furreal.

Happy Monday ya'll (I sound so Southern, I know)

Enjoy work while I lounge in a big body of water..


Friday, July 22, 2011

My Last Day as a 24-Year-Old

Welp, it's finally happened.
After today, I won't be considered an "Early 20's" individual.
I will be a quarter of a century.

When did this happen?
I feel like just yesterday I was playing Mermaids in my pool.
Yeah...I did that, and I am not ashamed.
Even if I was 16.
Don't judge me.

This past year as a 24-year old has gone so quick.
But isn't that what we say every year?

One Year Ago
I was living in Escondido with my Mamma, unemployed.
Oh, those were the simple days.
Roomie and I were getting ready to start looking at places to move to in San Diego.
I was "off" again with (ex)boyfriend.
Little did I know how many on again/off again moments I would have with that D-Bag.
I was sad because my Mamma was getting ready to move to Georgia.
I wasn't eating as healthy as I should have and I'm pretty sure I weighed a good 14
pounds more than I do now.
Let's hope I never get to that weight again.
Jeans don't feel so good being that tight.

I'd like to say I've learned a lot in the last year.
I feel older.
But most importantly, I feel more independent and comfortable with myself.
These past few months, being single, I've been enjoying myself.
I'm learning that it's okay to stay home. alone.
I'm learning that I don't need a boyfriend to be happy.

Turning 25, all depressing jokes aside, is actually quite exciting to me.
I'm eager to see what this next year has in store for me.
Will I still be at the same job next year?
Or will I have a quarter life crisis and become a stripper?
Will I still live in San Diego next year?
Or will I finally travel the world like I've been wanting?
Will I be in a relationship next year?
Or will I forever dedicate myself to a nunnery?

Who knows.
But I'm excited to find out.

TGIF, my friends, TGIF.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pro Tip: Don't wake me up...not pretty.

Time: 11:10pm
Mish: Fast asleep
Bedroom door slams open with ferocious force.
In comes Roomie: "Hiiiiii Roommate!!!"
Mish: "Jen, I need to sleep. I have to get up early."
Roomie then grabs my big water bottle.
Roomie: "I'm going to take your water bottle."
Mish: "Please don't. I need it."
Roomie: "I'm drunk."
Mish: "I know."
Roomie then starts laughing like a crazy person as she goes to her bedroom.

Time: 1:10am
Mish: Fast asleep
Mish then woken up by what I can only assume is hard core porn outside my window.
Oh....nope, just the neighbors.
Seems like they're having a fantastic time.

I don't know if you knew this about me,
but one of the worst things you could do to me
would be to wake me up before my scheduled time to get up.
Not a pretty sight.

I was THIS close to shouting out my window
to the porn-making neighbors.
Unfortunately, I didn't have anything clever to say.
And I was far too lazy to get out of my bed.
So I just laid there...
Listening to the smack, smack, moan, moan of it all...
If I wasn't so annoyed, it would have been quite entertaining.
Maybe next time?

I'm off work in 3 hours!
Comic Con, here I come!!!

Happy Thursday, my loves!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Awesome and Awkward Moments of Bowling

Last night, I went to sub for Brother's bowling league.
Their team name: The Hookers
My go-to Bowling Name: Asia
(Because I may or may not have always, not-so-secretly wished my name was that)
Game 1: 99
Game 2: 102
Game 3: 133
I think it's safe to say I should quit my day job and become a professional bowler...No?

As awesome as bowling know: 
the team support no matter how crappy you bowl, 
the only place you'll hear top hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and today,
artery clogging food, 
$3.50 beer, 
...there were some moments last night that made
me seriously consider why I subjected myself to that place.

Yes, camaraderie can be great.
But after about 6,253 high fives with sweaty, clammy palms
from complete strangers, I found myself resorting to the "fist bump."
Which, I'm pretty sure I once vowed to never do again back in 2000.
I was going to the bathroom like a person with OCD,
ferociously scrubbing my hands with hot water and soap any chance I got, 
yet never feeling quite like new.
I finally had to stand there with my arms crossed and substitute the high-five support with a big smile and an:
"Alright! Good job!" while silently praying they wouldn't try to touch me.
There was this one little fat man whom every time he high-fived me
would then do a quick "fake-out" punch to my stomach.
......yeah. He did that. Several times.
I still almost feel violated.

Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" came on.
I couldn't help but belt out my best rendition, complete with my own "Hand Microphone."
(Don't judge, you would have too)
From then on, Fat Sweaty Man called me "Karaoke."
As in, "Let's go Karaoke!!! You got this Karaoke!!!!"
Um...hello, my name is ASIA. Duh.

Another awesome, yet awkward moment were my shoes.
Yes, that is a hole in the side.
Yes, that is my sock-covered toe hanging out.
No, there were no judgments from my fellow Bowling Buds.
Because they're awesome.

All in all, it was a grand ol' time that I'm sure I will partake in many more times in my lifetime.
Maybe I should start bringing my own hand sanitizer.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I'm the girl that thinks taking a picture of Blue Balls is funny...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wanna go on a ride?

let me share with you the roller coaster of emotions i had today...

good lord, i am such a GIRL sometimes.
it's just one of those days where everything is making me emotional.
maybe it's because aunt flow will be coming to town soon, who knows.
it all started with me stepping on my scale this morning and realizing i'm 4 pounds heavier than my lowest weight this year.
maybe those 4 pounds are because roomie and i went to carl's junior last night after J Bar, who knows.
regardless, it proceeded with a loud profanity that i literally said out if that word could scare the scale into saying, "just kidding, you're really not that weight, i just did it to see your reaction."
i stepped back on...scale wasn't kidding. 
damn you, scale. damn you.

i then proceeded to get to work to realize i had to train the new guy to do my job that i learned in 2 months to be able to do in a mere 3 days while i am gone to Georgia next week.
if you know me, you know that patience is not in my vocabulary.
no really...what does patience mean? i could not tell you.
he's asian though...quick learner i'm coming to find out.

i had a bit of a break in my irritation levels when Brother told me i was getting two passes to this year's Comic Con on thursday.
any time i can get the chance to see this will instantly brighten my day...
(don't lie and tell me it wouldn't yours too...)

things quickly plummeted again when i told my boss that i had completed 6 months worth of objectives in a matter of 3 weeks (to which a raise was promised) to then be told that i would still have to wait till the 6 months was over because they could just add more objectives to fill the time. 
gee. thanks.

i read some more news on J Lo and Marc Anthony's split and found myself upset about that.
why should i even care?
why did it put thoughts of eternal relationship doom in my head? 
"if J Lo and Marc Anthony can't make it, no one can!"
what the crap?

then I found myself getting emotional when i finished the book Flowers in the Attic.
those poor children!
their mother is a real piece of WORK!
their poor brother was killed!
the brother and sister have been forever scarred and now can only love one another, physically and emotionally! how sick and twisted...and touching?
WHY would i think a brother and sister relationship would be romantic and touching?
what a creeper, michelle!

**Side note: feel free to stop reading this rant and forever think i'm a weird, emotional wreck**

things progressively got more dramatic for me as the day went on.
i'll just blame it on Aunt Flow's soon-to-be arrival.
unless she doesn't come, then we got a whole 'nother set of problems....wait, what?

i'm going bowling in a few hours. maybe that'll cheer me up.
OR...maybe a nice, tall vodka cran will.....?
Cue: Alcoholics Anonymous


Monday, July 18, 2011

Too big?

As if a Venti isn't big enough, Starbucks has now one upped themselves.
Introducing, the TRENTA sized Iced Coffee:

Could I resist? No.
Because bigger is better, right?
What's next? The Starbucks CUATRO?

I'm taking a class with University of Phoenix right now,
and the teacher asked us:
Why does personal growth and development seem more urgent today than in the past?
As a class, we were discussing the theories.
As broad as they were, it all boiled down to:
This society is forever continuing to do bigger and better things.
Always upgrading.
Always wanting more.
I don't know about you, but I am definitely guilty of this.
Will I ever be satisfied with what I have right now?
Or will I forever strive for more?
I think that mentality has its pros and cons,
but I'd really like to know what it's like to be truly content with my life.
Because I can tell you right now, with five days left before I turn 25, I have much more to
accomplish and achieve in order for me to be anywhere near what I have envisioned for myself.

Happy Monday

Friday, July 15, 2011

Holy Mother of Hangover

Apparently, I have no will power.
I told myself I would only have TWO drinks on my date last night.
Tell me how that turned into FIVE?
Five drinks on an empty stomach = never a good idea.

Nonetheless, I had a really good time...from what I can remember.
Yep, that drunk.

He's a sweet guy.
Easy to talk with.
Seems to have his shit together.
I'd definitely like to see him again.
So here's to hoping I didn't make a drunken fool of myself!

P.S. My friend, Zana, is in to photography and asked to use me for a photo shoot.
It was super fun!
My fave was using the scarf...made me feel artsy fartsy.
Here are a few of the pics!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Large and in Charge.

i. feel. disgusting.
i bet you would too if you consumed all of this within 16 hours:
*burger king's egg and cheese croissant + hashbrowns*
*rubio's bean & cheese burrito + chips n salsa*
*korean bbq*
*bud light x4*
*carl's junior spicy chicken sandwich + fries*

now can you see why i feel disgusting slash bloated today?
it was physically harder to wake up this morning.
but i HAVE to eat this high-fat content food.
otherwise THIS diet won't work effectively.

you'd think eating pretty much whatever you want in the name of a diet
would be the best thing ever.

i will SHOW you how i FEEL:

World's Fattest Dog
World's Fattest Giraffe in Tanzania

let's hope this all pays off in the end...

p.s. i have a DATE tonight. 
i'm sure he'll love my BLOATED look.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cool? Not so much...Part Deux

You know what's cool?
Deciding to go get a small TRIM to make my hair look nice and healthy.
So, I was in Korea Town yesterday (random?) and decided
to go to this Korean lady.
You know what's not so cool?
I told her, "Only HALF an inch, that's it. Just a LITTLE bit."
(Insert Korean accent)
"Ooh okay, okay. I cut little bit for you. Ooh, you so pretty. Niiicce hair."
Fast forward to the end of the cut and, oh is now a good TWO INCHES
shorter than I wanted.
(Insert Korean accent)
"Ooh, I see more split end. I cut off. That okay? Too short?"
Leave it to the Koreans to just go right ahead with what they want to do
without thinking about what you want first.

You know what's cool?
I was at the nail salon yesterday getting a pedicure and I saw these girls putting
feathers in their hair.
Apparently, it's all the rage. 
So the lady asked if I wanted to put some feathers in my hair...
Sure, why not?

You know what's not so cool?
The two most common responses are:
"Oh, you got some highlights or streaks in your hair?"
Um. No. Asians don't highlight.
"Um..there's something in your hair..." (disgusted look on face)
Feather fail.

You know what's cool?
Going to watch Brother at his bowling league last night
and 2 of his teammates didn't show up so they needed a Sub.
I gladly accepted because I'm AMAZING at bowling....
Except, you know what's not so cool?
-Having to buy $3.25 socks from said bowling alley
-Smudging my newly painted toes from wearing said socks in rented shoes
-Bowling a 106 and thinking I'm the shiz-nit
-Looking as awkward as I did in this little ensemble

Hot. I know.

You know what's cool?
Having Brother, Future S-I-L, and Bryson in town.
Having my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Phillip want to come see them.
Inviting them over to my Dad's for tonight's BBQ so they can see the fam.
You know what's not so cool?
This chick.
Meet Princess Sophia.
My Dad's wife.
No. She is not my mother.

As soon as Princess Sophia found out my Aunt and Uncle (from my Mom's side)
were wanting to come to HER house, she flipped her shit, apparently.
Last night, Brother texted me saying we needed to make reservations
at a restaurant instead because Princess Sophia was
"having a mental meltdown."
**Just picture a Korean lady screaming in Korean gibberish with raging Korean eyes...that's about what it looks like**

Just when I was starting to tolerate her in my life, she goes crazy.
She doesn't want anything or anyone that has to do with my Mamma near her
or her HUSBAND.
No, it doesn't make sense.
Yes, it's unreasonable.
I'd tell her that, but she wouldn't understand the English.
Moving on.

You know what's cool?
Starting this new homeopathic weight loss program
that my Dad gave me called HGC.
It's basically these drops you put under your tongue before each meal.
Then for the next few weeks, I eat about 500-800 calories,
all the while, this HGC is helping my body to burn
the abnormal, excess fats, rather than just the lean fats and muscle
were I to just consume little calories without the HGC hormones.
Or so it says.
You know what's not so cool?
The first 2 days of this, I'm supposed to eat foods high in fat.
The more the better, as this is supposed to be
important to the "phase 2" fat burning phase.
So, this morning, I went to Burger King.
2 Egg and Cheese croissants.
1 Medium hashbrowns.
1 Iced Coffee.
Um, can I go vomit now, please?
I feel like shit.
After this first phase of high fat intake, I then move to
Phase 2. This is where I'll consume 500-800 calories per day.
Protein, fruits/veggies, lots of liquids.
Wish me luck.
Just 7 more pounds to lose and I'll be back at my college weight!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Brother, Future S-I-L, and Bryson came to town this past Sunday.
They're here till Thursday.
I've been driving up to Escondildo every day to see them.
I've missed this little one.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Karaoke Lovin'

This is my dad.
We did Karaoke last night.
At his house.
Because that's what Asians do.

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lightspeed Quick Draw Giveaway!!

After that last post, which was kind of depressing, I thought now would be a good time to announce the winner of my Giveaway!!

Can I just say... ROCK!
Thanks for being a follower and participating!! :) I appreciate the support! 
You're gonna love this beach shelter. It's super light, easy, and fun.

Email me at:

Let me know your address and also which COLOR you want!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Night In

Last night, I decided to have a quiet night in. Alone.
I politely declined invitations to hang out.
This time was much needed.
I watched the entire Season 2 of this:
(which, ps, I could watch any day, any time, anywhere, any episode)

Throughout the night, as I mindlessly watched Sex and the City....I consumed this:

and this:

and this:

and 3 of these:

I guess when I'm not drinking this:

or this:

I get really hungry?

Happy Thursday! =)


P.S. You still have one day left to win THIS

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis Rant

Good morning.
How are you?
That's good....oh, me?
Ya know...tired. burnt out.
I'd like to blame it on this past weekends festivities, but part of me thinks it runs a little deeper than that.

Ready for this?

I've been getting urges to pick up and travel for a year. Where? It really doesn't matter as long as it's outside the U.S.
I'm thinking Asia. Go back to my people.
If I don't do it now: single, childless, and under 30, then when will I?
I've got enough money to carry me through and get to see some amazing places.
Maybe it doesn't have to be a full year, but how about 6 months?
I've been reading this blog called The Traveling Triplets.
They're super cute, super fun, and super adventurous. Super, right?
They're about 22 years old and talk about how they travel all over the world on a budget, with their super hot husbands.
I know. 22. married to hot sex men. traveling. ....just great.
But anyway, it just makes me think...why not? Who says we have to live our lives the way society tells us we should? Why can't we go against the "norm" and do what we really want?

(dramatic sigh)

I'm just tired of this day-to-day routine of.....what? Work and Jager Bombs? Gets a little old.
(Fast forward to this Friday as I completely forget about this post while shooting back some cold Jager)
Maybe I'm just having a Quarter-Life Crisis.

I've been having this "Anti-Men" kick lately, too.
I don't want a relationship, most of them tend to annoy me, and I'm thinking about just using them for their bodies.
Bad idea? Meh. I don't think so. So many of them do the exact same thing and seem to be just fine.
I met an extremely attractive man this past Sunday at J Bar...I would have no problem using that body of his... (cue fanning of the face as I get all hot and bothered).

Okay, but for real, I'm just...searching. For something. I'm going to be twenty-five years old in 17 days. What am I doing with my life? Why do I feel like there should be something more? Okay, 25 is not OLD by any means. I am still young and have much living to do, this I know. But am I living the life I thought I would back in my carefree 16-year-old days? No. Am I unhappy? No. Just....searching.

Jeez......How did I get so D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C?

Maybe I should start a new Blog Tradition: Meltdown Wednesdays?


UPDATE: That "extremely attractive man" I met was The Dizzle, FYI ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I had far too much fun for one person to contain in one weekend. now I must recover.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Reasons to Smile

-It's Pay Day!

-Not only is it Friday, but it's a 3-Day Weekend!

-4th of July = pool parties, bbq's, fireworks!

-This is where I'll be on Sunday: The Ivy's Rooftop Pool Party!
(Looks quite skank-a-licious, actually...maybe I should have gotten pasties?)

-You still have time to win THIS

-I have this cute watch coming today in the mail. You can go to her Etsy shop HERE. Super cute!

Gray Suede Bracelet Watch with Black Inspirational and Interchangeable Face

-Today officially starts my bIrThDaY mOntH!!!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL and SAFE 4th of July weekend!!!!!!!!



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