Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday. Hump it out.

I'm wearing white pants today.
I felt it to be appropriate because I'm going to a BBQ after work.
White pants + BBQ = ........big messy stain on white pants?
Now I'm thinking it wasn't such a good idea.

Yesterday, after work, I had every intention of going home.
Then my friend Rob texted me asking if I wanted to meet up for a drink.
I debated for about point 2 seconds.
Then the alcoholic in me got back in the car and headed over to McGregor's.
I'm glad I went...and not just because of the Cranberry/Vodka's.
We had some quality conversation.

It's possible I need a Starbucks intervention.
It used to be that I would only go a couple times a week.
Now it's every morning before work.
For real.
Every morning.
It used to be only Grande size.
Now it's Venti.
Every time.
It used to be only the coffee + turkey bacon sandwich.
Now I buy a $326 bottle of Starbucks water too.
And a banana.
What the crap?
I have a solution though.
Everyone just send me Starbucks giftcards.
Done. Problem solved.

4 days left until Father's Day (I just realized this and have yet to get a present. Shoot.)
6 days left until I start the last class of my UOP career to finish my Bachelor's. Holler.
16 days left until my Birthday Month begins. Let the Starbucks giftcards come rollin' in.
25 days left until my bro, my nephew and future sis n law come to CA to visit.
38 days left until I turn a quarter of a century old. Ay dios mio.
39 days left until I fly to Georgia and see my Mutha.
230 days left until Phillip gets his butt back here from Korea.

Enjoy your hump days.
Hope you get a lot of humping in.
Lord knows I won't be.



  1. There's a Starbucks so close to my house we could ALMOST ride our bikes there :) Let's go every morning when you get here.



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