Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Voicemail from my Korean Father

Read with slight Korean accent:

"Hello Shella, this is Dad. Hey, I was wondering if you were free this Saturday night, because I wanted to invite you to this Korean concert. This lady, her name is So-Jung, she is the Korean Mariah Carey and she's coming to Temecula Community Church. A lot of people are coming and I wanted to share something Korean with you. She can sing Celine Dion songs, THE Titanic, Power of Love, just like Celine Dion, sometimes she even sounds better than Celine Dion! And some Korean songs and American songs, she's incredible. And she's around your age, I believe. So I thought you might be able to relate to her. Okay? I hope you can make it! I would love it if you could come, and you can bring other friends. As many friends as you want...you know, Jenny, and anybody else. Okay? Talk to me. Call me. Love you. Bye."

I can't tell you how much joy this voicemail brought to me.
Of COURSE I can relate to the Celine Dion/Mariah Carey singer because we're the same age. Duh.
I also like how he refers to roomie as "Jenny" when no one else ever calls her that.


  1. I miss you so much right now! :(

  2. haha I had to come over from Amira's blog!I can totally relate I have a fun/crazy Salvadorian dad! One day he left me a voice mail where he sang happy Birthday this was in July .. umm my birthday is in November! hahah
    Anyways New follower!



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