Monday, June 13, 2011


Goooooooooooooood Morning, Blogger Family!
I hope ya'll had a great weekend.
Did it go by as fast as mine did?

I'm gonna do a little recap ramble...Grab a drink and some popcorn, this could be a long one...(that's what she said).

So as you all know (or don't), I went to Mexico with my company to celebrate our 15th Annual Factory/Plant opening (or something along those lines..I'm not really sure)...
Me and the Vickster (aka Waldo Twins) hopped on El autob├║s and made our way down across the Border!

Once we got down there, they gave us a tour of the entire factory. I was blown away by what they actually did down there! This is Luis (is that his name? I could be wrong...we all know how horrible my memory is), he was our tour guide and he is in charge of running the whole operation down at the factory.

Everyone was working SO hard. It was very impressive. Props to all of them for being able to do what they do.
Lord knows I couldn't.

After the tour, it was time to eat! In the middle of eating our DELISH authentic MeHican tacos, in comes a Mariachi band!

They. Were. UH-MAY-ZING. No, for real. I was speechless.
Then this guy got up and started dancing.
It was cool.
For like the first 3 minutes.
The next 17 just got awkward...

On our way back, we literally had to get off the bus and physically walk back across the Border so they could check each and every one of our passports. Thankfully, we had yummy caramel apple lollipops to tide us over for the long, treacherous walk. You're welcome.

Friday night, the ladies hit the town! Me, Roomie, Tori,  Jamie (on the left of the picture above), and Susu went Downtown!
It was GRAND.
Sometimes I forget how nice it is to have a Girl's Night.
Message to Jamie: I commend you for getting your boo-tay out of the house! I hope you had the GREATEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. Which, I'm sure you did. Cuz I was there. And I'm pretty fun. So there.
I wish I took more pictures. But this was the only one. Roomie and I took it in the bathroom. Weird? Nah...

Slept in till 11.
Roomie and I went and had Korean BBQ.
It was amazing.
So amazing, that I'm pretty sure I gained 2.4 pounds since Friday.
No really, I did. I weighed myself this morning.
That night, me, Tori, and Roomie went out to PB.
It was pretty fun.
Tori made out with some creeper guy on the dance floor.
We made sure to give her a lot of crap for it.

Had another baby shower to go to.
It was for my friend Tiffany.
I've known her since Kindergarten. Or maybe 1st grade.
She's the first of "us girls" to get preggers!
This was seriously the CUTEST baby shower I've ever been to.
The decorations were amazing and my crappy iPhone pictures do NOT do them justice. 

Great weekend.
Here's to another week and hoping it goes by fast.

P.S. Please take a look at the heck do I spill so much coffee at my desk?
I really amaze myself sometimes...



  1. that disco ball is freaking rad. i'm taking notes for when my husband knocks me up.

  2. Did I ever tell you, you have gorgeous skin?



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