Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Questions on my mind...

Have I already met my future husband? (Is there even a husband in the future picture?)

Will I always be so concerned about the number I see on the scale?

Will there ever be a day when war/hate/fighting doesn't exist?

Are there other life forms outside of this planet?

Is there anyone in this world that doesn't EVER pick their nose?

Will I ever enjoy the taste of tomatoes/sushi/pork?

When will I own my first home?

Will celebrities ever be a "thing of the past" and people can just be people?

Is there someone out there that looks exactly like me?

What happens after I die?

Will my family ever move back to California?

If I keep waiting around because I don't want to settle, will I end up being alone forever?

Can men and women ever REALLY be friends without one or the other at some point in their lives have feelings for each other?

Will I ever get a divorce?

Will I be able to have children? And how many will I have?

Will I live to see the day that we can teleport?

Will I ever get (more)plastic surgery?

Will I ever become a HUGE, GINORMOUS, FAMOUS blogger with more than 9 Followers?

....okay, my head's hurting from all these unanswered questions.

What are YOUR unanswered questions??




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