Thursday, June 2, 2011


That's how I feel this morning. It's oddly refreshing starting my day at 4:50am. Why was I up so early, you ask? I was basically being the bestest friend ever by taking Roomie to the airport so she could go enjoy a wonderful weekend in Las Vegas while I slave away at my grueling (not really) job.
I had every intention of coming right back to bed and continuing my habit of waking up 10 minutes before I had to work. But then I said, "You know what Michelle? You should just start your day. Take a shower for once. Do your hair and make-up for work. Clean up a little. Do some reading." 
So I did.
And now I feel good.
Extra good.

So good that this morning, when I got to work, I had a conversation with the "garage cleaner, landscaper, worker man" (I sadly don't know his name. But I like this little man.)
Me: Hola!!!! (probably startled him with my loud, peppy voice)
Him: Hola, como estas?
Me: Muy bien!!! Y tu???
Him: Bien, bien, gracias.
Me: Que tenga un buen dia!!!
Him: Igualmente! Gracias!
Me: Gracias!!
I'm pretty sure I made his day. Or maybe he just thinks I'm weird and is thinking, "Who is this Asian chick speaking Spanish??"

Last night was my last night in the mansion.
It's a bitter sweet ending.
I definitely missed sleeping in my own bed.
But it was very nice living the life of luxury for 3 weeks.
Goodbye, Mansion. It's been real.

Tonight I'm going to another Padres game.
I really don't care to watch baseball. Yet, I somehow have been going quite often.
I think it's just the atmosphere I like.
Beer, friends, Downtown San Diego.
Me likey.

Okay, my Venti coffee is starting to kick in.
You know how I know?
My brain is thinking about 823433 things at once.
My fingers are flying over this keyboard as I'm typing it all out.
(I'm also a dancing machine at my desk right now, listening to the radio)

So I'm thinking about visiting Phillip in Korea this year.
Maybe November.
I just want a good vacation.
Some time to just get away.
Even if just for a week.
(I just said "just" like 4 times)
I haven't been since 2007 with the fam.
I'd love to go and see more places.
Plus, I know Phil misses me like crazy cakes and is DYING to see me *wink*

Hope ya'll have an awesome Thursday.
Is it just me, or is this week going by uber fast?
Tomorrow's Friday!


  1. Now it is 1:40 PM - how's the pep holding up?
    I'm sorry that I'm not there today to see "showered, dolled-up Michelle"! Is she cooler than "run-down, haggard Michelle"? I surely hope so!

    P.S. Little man's name is Victor. He's so cute!

  2. November is way too cold in Korea. You'll freeze. September is a beautiful time to go. Just cooling off from the HOT HUMID summer and not too cold yet.
    PS. Did you notice I spelled too correctly?



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