Thursday, June 23, 2011

No? Yes? Maybe?

Remember when I said I was going to practice saying, "No," in times that I didn't want to do something?
Yeah, well, that went out the window this week.
Last month, I met a guy at Lauren's wedding. His name is Justin.

We danced for a bit at the wedding, then parted ways (probably because of all the alcohol that was flowing through my veins, which then turns me into a dancing machine and moving all over the dance floor).
Anyhoo, it wasn't but a mere 2 weeks after the wedding that I saw him again.
He came down to San Diego to go to a Padres game with me and some friends.
We hit it off. Constant conversation. Constant laughing (because I'm HILARIOUS).
He's fun, funny, and highly intelligent.
There was some flirting, some kissing, yadda yadda...usual "first date" shenanigans.

You're probably wondering what all of this has to do with me not saying, "No."
Or maybe you're not, because you don't really care. But whatever, I'm going to tell you anyway.
Justin made it very clear that he was "in to me." I don't know how else to put it that doesn't sound cheesy.
He told me how it's so "rare" to find someone like me (corny) and that he feels like he's known me forever (even cornier).
I don't know why, but as soon as I knew exactly how he felt, I sort of just "didn't feel it" anymore.
The game was over.
No chase.
I'm a competitive person, but there was nothing to "compete" for, if that makes sense.
Fast forward 3 weeks to yesterday.
Earlier in the week, Justin asked if I wanted to grab dinner because he was going to be in the area.
At the time, I didn't really want to.
At the time, I should have practiced saying, "No."
But, of course, I say, "Sure! Where? When? See you there!" (Not necessarily in that order)

So I went.
And to my surprise, I actually had a really good time.
Again, conversation was flowing, laughs were aplenty.

(Also, side note: He used to be in the Air Force and is moving to SD in 2 weeks to "train" for a month with some high up government job where he then has to go to Afghanistan for 5 months and help them find bad people...something like that.)

So, then I reminded myself: "Michelle, remember when you said being honest was a good thing? How about try that out."
As we were on the subject of me talking about that  21 year old from last weekend and how he came on far too strong in the beginning which totally turned me off, I took that opportunity to then switch it over to me and my feelings.
So, I basically laid it out there and explained how I felt. I won't bore you with the details, but I made sure to cover these bullet points:
  • You came on very strong in the beginning, which then made me take a step back
  • You're moving to Afghanistan for FIVE months and I refuse to date anyone long distance
  • I'm turning 25 next month and am attempting to stay single for a good amount of time
He took it very well and agreed with all of my bullet points.
I felt proud for speaking the truth.
I would imagine after hearing that, you'd think the person would understand that we're just friends now then, right?
Well, then tell me why he KISSED ME when I went to hug him goodbye?!
I kid you not, I literally pulled away mid-peck and made some awkward noise like, "Eehhh." (That of course was me saying, "No thank you, Sir. I do not wish to partake in this kiss.")
I didn't even mean to do that!! It just happened. I'm so effing rude. But really, how hard is it NOT to slobber when it's just a closed-mouth-peck??
Then, HE says, "Oh, just deal with it!" Followed with something along the lines of: wink, wink, smile, smile, laugh, laugh
So, I give an awkward laugh and run to my car and drive away.
God, could I be more awkward? Probably not. Awkward is my middle name. I guess it makes for some good blogging material.

That's all...just another day in the life of Michelle...

Happy Thursday!



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