Friday, June 10, 2011

Nerd Alert and Mexico

I am totally loving my new nerd look.
I was driving home from work yesterday, when the Optometrist called to tell me my new little goodies were ready for pick-up! I turned that car around faster than you could say, "Where's Waldo?" 

I'm going to Mexico today with work to celebrate our15th year celebration at the Factory/Plant.
Let's just say...I hope I don't end up on the wrong side of the border when everyone else gets to go home.
Guess I better leave all my drugs and guns at home today.

It's Friday and that makes Mish a very, very, very happy girl.


Oh! PS...
Yesterday, I remembered that (ex)boyfriend, a.k.a. PIECE OF SH*T, SOB, #*%# D-BAG, has my
So I told Roomie that I wanted it back, but I didn't want to speak to him or see him.
Being the amazing Bestie that she is, she texted him and told him I wanted it.
You know what HE said???
"Well, I want my Foreman Back. I'll be down in a week or two. We can make the switch then."

THE SWITCH??? What is this? Collateral Damage?
Jeez. Whatever. He can have his stupid Foreman grill back!
Ugghhh! That boy IRKS me. Yes, I said, "IRKS."
That's how you know it's serious. 

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