Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea... drink the entire bottle of wine with Roomie.
And I'm not talkin' normal sized bottle.
I'm talkin' the big cajones bottle.
Every. Last. Drop.

We somehow managed to spend five hours on the patio.
Talking about life, love, crappy men. You know, the usual.
Then there was a bunch of rolling around in the living room actin' a fool.
Then I may or may not have thrown up my life...twice.
Five hours after my head hit the pillow, that mean angry alarm went off.
Oh yeah, it's Thursday. So I DO have to work today...
At least I woke up 2.4 pounds lighter than yesterday?

Happy Thursday, Friends


Don't forget to go HERE to win! Seriously. It's cool. And I will continue reminding you. Every. Day.
Until you're so sick of hearing it you'll just do it.


  1. Sitting on the patio talking about life with roomie..hmm....sounds fun! Dozing off from work....



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