Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Boys and Old People

I hope you're smiling right now. I know I am. It's Friday...need I say more?

So, remember that 21 year old who wouldn't stop texting? I do. You know why I remember?
Because he texted. Again.
After 5 UNRESPONDED TO texts...I finally had to lay it on him.
This is what I said...and I quote:

"A____, listen to me closely. I'm gonna give you a pro tip here. For future references, texting a girl 6 times per every 1 of hers, probably isn't going to go over well for you. To be honest, I thought you were a pretty cool guy and was more than willing to see you again. That is, until you were far too overwhelming with your texts. Then it just turned me completely off...So, in the future, I promise you, playing hard to get will go very far with women. :) good luck!"

Do you think he got the hint? Well...let's take a look at what he responded:

"Lol ok sorry"
no response from me
"Yeah my bad I don't get good service in my barracks so I wasn't sure if they were going through. I appreciate the bluntness."
no response from me
"Sorry about sounding desperate and hope you have a great weekend"
no response from me

Um...yeah. That's a 21 year old boy for ya. Moving on.

Last night, The Vickster and I decided to take on a Step class. You may be thinking: Hah! Step class? Easy! That's a class for old people!!
You are so wrong. So, so wrong. Except about the old people part.
These old, wrinkly people are basically straight out of a pro Richard Simmon's, "Sweatin' to the Oldies" video tape. Except inhumanly buff and non-wrinkly like.
They put us to shame. In a bad, bad way.
We looked like retarded antelopes jumping up and down on a plastic board.
We had several people come up to us at the end of class to congratulate us on what a "great job" we did...I could see the pity leaking from their sweat covered eyeballs.
Though we may have highly embarrassed ourselves, we walked out of there with our heads held high, determined to conquer it one day. Plus, The Vickster told me we burned a good 680 calories in one hour! Score.

I hope you all have fantabulous weekends! 


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  1. i almost posted my pics but my mouth is wide open in every one. wtf? its like im swallowing step class whole.



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