Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Rants

Last night, I had a dream I was making out with Ryan Seacrest...
Right now, I'm listening to him on the radio.
It's almost as if I'm listening to my boyfriend....wait, what?

I recently (as in last Friday) discovered that I like Iced Coffee.
Before picking up my brother from jail, I had to stop at Starbucks first. Priorities.
It was so dang hot that day and hot coffee just didn't sound refreshing.
So, as I was talking to the man in the drive-thru, I came to discover that I could get an iced coffee.
As he handed me the cold beverage, I told him that this was my first time.
He then said he had to watch me take the first sip.
Now that I'm typing this, our interaction seems a bit perverted.
So, I took a sip. Paused a moment or two to process. Then, BAM. Customer for life.
Not like I wasn't a Starbucks customer for life anyway...but you get it.
Anyway, this is now my official drink for the Summer.
In case you care. Which, you don't.
Moving on.

Tonight, I'm going to a Zumba class.
This will be my third week in a row that I'm exercising!
It's kind of a big deal since I haven't really done much of any physical activity since THIS DAY.
I am going to try and commit to at least 1 class per week....I don't want to over exert myself or anything.

This is literally the picture that came up when I Googled "Zumba"
I can only hope to be as cool as these Zumba-ers.

It's 7:30am and my phone just buzzed to alert me for a message...It was from my Dad.
It's a voice message. Not voice mail.... voice message that he texted to me. Titled, "Meditation."
I clicked play and this piano music starts.
Then, some man's voice, not my father's, starts talking:
"As we close our eyes and just simply let go, which sounds very simple, but is sometimes very hard to do..."
And that's when I stopped listening.
Moving on.

Riddle me this: At work, we recently received an email from the owner of the company about new HR "dress code" policies.
We can no longer wear tank tops, strapless tops/dresses, spaghetti straps....basically anything that shows those devilish shoulders of ours, so as not to seduce the men, of course. 
Because shoulders are highly sinful.
So now, tell me WHY, yesterday, a woman by the name of....let's just call her "Schmalerie," was walking around, full force, in a tube dress? As if that policy doesn't apply to her at all?
Was it wrong of me to stop her mid-walk and say, with a sweet smile on my face, "Pretty dress!"
Then she stared me down with death daggers and said, "Thanks."
I don't think she likes me.
It's cool.
Here's a picture of her. Not really. But close.

Have a great Hump Day, ya'll =)

Oh, and don't forget to go HERE to win a kick-ass Beach/Sun Shelter for FREEEEEE. 
Pretty bomb dot com.
I know.



  1. that was your first ever iced coffee?!!?! girrrrl, i welcome you to the delicious train.

  2. I ordered iced coffee in restaurants where I had to tell them how to make it! So glad it's finally catching on!
    I think you should wear a "forbidden" top and if they say anything, tell them you saw Schmalerie wearing one and thought the edict was lifted :) JK!!!

  3. Okay... so took me longer to comment on this post than I anticipated because I HAD to keep reading other posts you had linked to this one.

    First off, your blog is adorbs girlie!

    Secondly, ummmm Iced Coffee is ah-mazing!!

    And third... ZUMBAAA ARRRRRIBAAAA!! Love love love zumba and I know you do too! Who doesn't like to shake their booties to latin music?!?!




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