Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Schmursday

I just got off the phone with this lady that works for Costco. She called me about a particular customer of ours. I was instantly annoyed with her because of her voice. She sounded whiny and so unsure of herself. Women like that drive me crazy.I just want to smack her and tell her to man up and be confident in what she's saying!
...deep breath, Michelle. Maybe I just shouldn't care so much about a complete stranger that I'll probably never talk to again in my life.


I think I have a really random blog. I was thinking about this as I was blog stalking yesterday. It seems that most blogs have a common theme for each post. They usually talk about one topic or several topics that seem to tie into each other.
Then I was reading my blog. (Because I'm that vain that I'll read my own blog for entertainment. Kidding....sort of.) I was noticing that I ramble and ramble about random, unimportant things.
Then I was thinking, maybe I should be more structured with my blogs.
But THEN I was thinking, "Who gives a crap?" All 9 of my readers? I'm pretty sure I know 8 out of those 9 readers, and they don't care. Or they probably don't even read this, but have "Followed" me after much harassment so that I can look more popular.
Then I thought. This blog is for me. Not for anyone else. For me. To ramble and rant and rave.
So I will continue to do just that.
I've got 7,256,142 thoughts running through my head and if I don't get them down somewhere, I may look like this:


I went to my first Summer BBQ yesterday. Although, technically, Summer doesn't begin until June 21st.
It was up in Escondido. Which is where I'm from. When I hear the word, "Escondido," I usually think 3 things:
1. EsconDILDO
2. EscoJUANA
3. Ghetto

BUT. Yesterday, I was reminded that there IS beauty to some parts of Escondido. This was at my friend Jared's parent's home. I've known Jared since KINDERGARTEN. His parents are pretty much Baller Status. It was a lot of fun, actually. I saw some people that I haven't seen since High School ('04).

I think we'd make great lovers. According to the picture, Tori would be the man. obvi.
Maybe if I don't find a man of my own, this is the path I will have to take.

Maybe if Tori doesn't find a man....
And then can't find a woman....
She'll resort to this?

Thank you, Jared, for the lovely BBQ =) It was delish!!



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