Friday, June 3, 2011

holy crapballs.

i. am. hungover.
guess that's what happens when you go to a ball game and are not really interested in the ball so much as you are the beer. and jager.
don't judge me, mother.
i was safe and didn't drive!

ladies and gentleMAN (because i'm pretty sure there's only 1 that reads this),
yesterday, i found out some very disturbing news about (ex)boyfriend.
so disturbing that i told him to never speak to me again. for real. never.
so disturbing that i was shaking with disgust and rage.
so disturbing that my chest got all red and splotchy.
i'm debating on whether or not i should put that info on this blog.
a big part of me thinks i shouldn't.
i'm trying to be the bigger person here.
although yesterday, there may or may not have been some name calling with some eff bombs.
(sometimes i don't think before i speak)

i'm sure you're curious as to what this information is.
i will be happy to tell you privately.
just be prepared for some eff bombs to be thrown again.


(that's for you, Phillip)


  1. sounds terrible. your readers want the details!

  2. Ah, my little drama queen :)
    Not to belittle your very understandable righteous indignation, but time to say " N E X T ! "
    Love you!



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