Friday, June 17, 2011

Cool? Not so much...

You know what's cool?
Yoga in the park.

You know what's not so cool?
Waking up with a big MOUND of a bump on my forehead from a mosquito bite from said park.
JUST like this one.
...I got a little tan from the park too.

You know what's cool?
Starbucks. Obvi.
You know what's not so cool?
Having them run out of Half n Half.
Asking for more 1/2 n 1/2.
Having them bring you NON-FAT milk.
Not wanting to nag and correct them.
So I leave. Sans 1/2 n 1/2.
Upon getting to work, with my mound of a forehead,
I then proceed to spill coffee, once again, on my desk.

You know what's cool?
It's Friday and I'm pretty sure MOMD will be coming down tonight.
You know what's not so cool?
Having to find out this information from someone other than said Man.
Um...I guess he's just not that into me?
Cool...but not really.

You know what's cool?
Getting a sort-of-maybe promotion, doing something I think I will highly enjoy.
You know what's not so cool?
Not seeing any pay raise for 6 more months. (wtc?)

You know what's cool?
Brother getting engaged in Africa to his awesome ass girlfriend, Katie 

You know what's not so cool?
Having both older brothers engaged and my younger sister as well.
All three of them.
All engaged.
So in love.
And then there's me.
Single as it gets.
...actually, maybe that is cool.
'Cuz IF I ever get married, all eyes on me, BI-ATCHES!!!
You think I'm kidding. I'm not.

Hope your weekends are Uh-MAZE-ING.
If you've got Fathers that you like, hope you get to spend some quality time with them.
If you don't, hope you get to spend some quality time at a bar.

Happy Friday! Hope your day has started out better than mine.



  1. Hahahaa - i was going to take a picture of my mosquito bite and send it to you and sarah! luckily, mine is on my leg. you lose. also, i went to starbucks and they had half&half. you lose again? but wait, you're freaking hilarious...winner! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I couldn't stop laughing about the bump on the forehead picture!!! Who, but you, would turn a mosquito bite into a comic act? LOVE YOU!



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