Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Things You May (or may not) Know About Me

1. i LoVe the color pink. love love it. i see it, i "ooh" and "ahh" over it. i'm just drawn to things that are pink. if it's sparkly pink, oh my! but i will NEVER EVER WEAR pink. i just won't. can't. hate it. The majority of my clothes consist of black, white, brown, black, navy, gray, and more black. it's hard to explain why. i WISH i was more of a color person...but yet, i always find myself gravitate towards those neutrals...

2. i don't know what it means to be patient. never have...when i get an idea in my head, i do it. i don't wait. i can't. why wait when i can do it right then and there? this is particularly bad when i'm driving. traffic? oh helllll no. sitting behind someone when the light turns green and they. don't. move. oh hellllll no.
why am i like this? why can't i learn how to stop and smell those roses? i bet they're lovely smelling roses...but i guess i wouldn't know.

3. my dream job is to be a news anchor. no, for real. can't you just see it? "Good Evening, and welcome to the 5 o'clock news. My name is Michelle Lim, here to report this breaking story about the 750 pound woman who took her first steps after 3 years, right here in her living room." ...God that would be amazing.

4. i truly believe a crap ton of water and sleep can cure almost anything.

5. every guy i've ever dated, no matter how serious or not, i almost always pair my first name with his last...just to see what it would sound like, you know in case i ever marry the guy. and no, he never knows this. because that would be creepy. in fact, as i'm typing this...i'm becoming even more clear on how creepy it sounds.

6. i love money (who doesn't?). but i love touching money, playing with money. when i was younger, i used to ask for $1 bills instead of a $20 bill just so it would look like i had more. i would always dream about being a cashier or work at a bank so i could interact with it. when i was about 10 years old i saved up my money and bought a $150 CASH REGISTER from Costco...Just so i could play with it and put money in it. what the crap kind of weirdness is that?

7. when i was back in my high school days, i was obsessed with acting and making movies. my friend kim and i would always be making movies and showing them at school to our class and basically thinking we were all that and a bag of chips. which, frankly, i still think so. we had such dedication to our craft. so much so, that one day, we were walking my dog and came across a decomposed cat. it was pretty gross. you could see it's bones sticking out in some places. did we run and scream like most 16 year olds would? no. we got the brilliant idea to run back home, grab plastic zip lock baggies to use as "gloves" and then go back and grab a few of the cat's BONES. why? so we could make a movie called "Bones," of course. needless to say, that probably wasn't the most brilliant movie plan we ever had.

8. speaking of decomposed bodies...i have this thing for being intrigued with gross, bloody deaths or injuries. car accidents, gruesome diseases, gory movies, show it all to me. i'll squirm, i'll gasp, but i cannot look away. i always get mad at rubber neckers, ya know, cause of my whole impatient thing. but i'm just as bad. i'll get to a crash, strain my head looking for any kind of body or blood stains. am i the only one?

9. it drives me crazy when people can't spell correctly. for example:
'to' and 'too'
'your' and 'you're'
'there', 'their,' and 'they're'
is it really that difficult to know when to use the right one? didn't we all learn this back in 5th grade? am i being TOO harsh? i can't help it. i've always noticed it. but i also notice when people DO use them correctly. i have a major appreciation for those that take the time. so there.

10. i took piano lessons from 5 years old to 16 years old, religiously. i can maybe remember how to play one full song. fail.


  1. ok, so let's address how the similarities keep piling up patience is not my virtue. i want to work on a television news station, bad. like to the point where i might quit and work for nothing to get in somewhere. i love new last names, i think i'm an actress every day AND i have asked my friend repeatedly to go on a "ride along" with his coroner friend. um, yeah. twinsies!

  2. LEOS FO LIFE!!!! And um, this is why i heart you and think we should become BFF's...just sayin'.

  3. I want you both to know that when the spacial arrangement of the cosmos was altered recently, I became a Leo. Completely understandable - and here's why...

    My friend and I were up-and-coming television directors/actors in our early teens. We starred in an under-rated high school drama entitled "Rochester, NY 14626". If it weren't for her foolish early infatuation with boys we definitely would have been picked up by a major network.

    Also, blood and guts are SO MY THANG. The more evisceration, the better. (Okay maybe that was overboard.)

    Vicki forgot to tell you she was once a bank teller and that she and I are going to create t-shirts that promulgate our society's ignorance of proper spelling by printing "your dumb and you're moms dumb to".

    I think we can provide you a complimentary article, size small?

  4. That's the most amazing thing I've heard all day... I love it. Love love love it.

    Also, why the EFF aren't you a FOLLOWER on this blog, woman?!?!

  5. I love you so much!
    PS. A crap ton of water and sleep CAN cure almost anything :) Just sayin'



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