Wednesday, May 25, 2011

yoga. I'm down.

see this room here? yeah...last night, it looked nothing like it. the girls and i moved all the furniture away (which, i may or may not have made a big scuff mark on the wood) and created our very own yoga studio. we then proceeded to do a little bit of this...i'm pretty sure we were doing that exact move as well. in fact, that IS me...can't you tell? i know, i'm pretty pro.

3 things i realized as i was going through my vinyasa flow sequence (that's yoga talk in case you were wondering...i told you i was pro):

1. i am in desperate need of a pedicure

2. doing yoga completely takes away my stresses and is very relaxing (even when the Domino's pizza guy interrupts us halfway through with a delivery)

3. it feels effing awesome and i should really do it more often

i've been feeling so stressed out lately and this was definitely something i needed. after our yoga sesh, we all devoured 1 too many slices of pizza and 3 bottles of wine. it was grand.

thank you, friends, for coming over last night. you know who you are...Ticki, Farah, Damie...



  1. ALL i could think about during yoga was pedicure, pedicure, pedicure. leos unite!

  2. Yeaaayy yoga! That would be a scorpion pose she--I mean you-are doing in that pic Mishi. Thanks all for being good sports...even though all you could think about was your toes!



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