Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What. A. Weekend.

Warning: Extra long Blog Post. Continue if you dare...

I needed this. I needed a good weekend in my life...nay, a good 3-Day weekend. And as always, it went by way too fast. Nonetheless, I made sure to fill it with many positive activities, which may or may not have involved far too many vodka/crans...

So, as you know (or don't), Friday was Matthew and Katie's last day in the States! Off to Africa they go. Which, btw, I hear is about a 24 hour plane ride. Insanity is what that is. So to send them off the right way, we had to make sure it was extra special. And special is what it was. We started off at the Mansion where man of my dreams met up to "surprise" Matthew. Except...it really wasn't a surprise because Roomie let it slip that he was coming. So Matt had to use his Oscar worthy acting skills to make sure Aaron felt like the surprise worked. Have I mentioned his name is Aaron? I think I'll just use that from now on. I started wondering...what if he randomly read this blog. I bet he'd be extra creeped out. Soooo N-E-Way... We all hopped in the Black Panther and made our way Downtown to the Se Hotel. We met up with our fellow amigos and had a ball. But it wasn't until we got back to the mansion that the real fun began. I woke up the next morning with so many unexplained photos on my iPhone... I wish I could share them all but fear I just may scare you away...all eight of you readers... Here are a few of the evening, but be prepared... some of them aren't pretty:

Goodbye America...Off to Africa for THREE weeks!

Roomie and Jim decided to take a ride on the bull (God I hope my boss never sees this...)

Me and Brother...yes, that's a Zebra Snuggie.

I don't even know what to say about this one...other than, I think the Zebra Snuggie is fitting for his African trip....no?

Me and Aaron...apparently we took a photo shoot in the kitchen because there are about 15 more pictures of us like this. Yes, odd.

Poor Roomie was sleeping and Matthew decided to put a squash and underwear near her head. I couldn't make this up if I tried...

SO. Anyway...let's just move far beyond that evening. I hope you haven't been creeped out too much. I'll understand if you never visit this blog again. 

Saturday came and went. Had a very lovely day with Aaron that consisted of lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, a visit to Roomie at her work, some pool side lounging, then dinner Downtown. 
He left around 8:30 and I headed straight for the couch and spent the rest of my Saturday night there...despite all the invites to go out. I think you can agree that my Friday night needed some recovering from.

Sunday, Tori and I went to PB to have a little fun in the sun. Tori even met Tom Cruise!!!

Okay...not really. But he definitely looked the part enough for us to ask a complete stranger for his picture.

We ran into Billy, Jim, and Earl and continued to have some fun shenanigans. 

Lastly...Memorial Day, I figured I needed to fight through the fatigue and get my butt out for one last hoorah of a day, because when am I ever going to get another Monday off??? 
Alessandra and I headed back to the beach fun. We met some people, did a little dancin', laughin', and cocktailin'.
Very poor quality. Whatever. You get the point.

If you've made it this far and are STILL reading this post...I am impressed. I'm exhausted from even typing this much. I don't blame you if you bounced after half of this read...
Someone's gotta document my life though... Lord knows I've got a horrible memory and if I don't account for it right now, I'll never remember all the fun times. 

I hope each and every eight of you had an amazing weekend. It's back to the grind people. You ready? Deep breath....GO!

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  1. OMG............I sure hope your boss doesn't know you have a blog! I'd be horrified if my house sitter did all that at MY house :0
    Glad you posted the pic of Katie and Matthew. I wish I could have been there to wish them a safe and wonderful trip. :(



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