Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Junk Time on a Wednesday.

**So normally, I dedicate my Wednesdays to write about all the things that I am thankful for. Today, I feel like just writing about other things. But...I feel a little guilty for not taking a moment to be thankful. Fine. I'll say something I'm thankful for:
i am thankful that i am the first person in to work because it allowed me to paint my toenails that looked atrocious. (side note to my coworkers: don't worry, i was able to do work as well as paint my toenails....yeah...right...that's what our story will be, ok???)

**I'm drinking my Starbucks this morning, and that makes me happy. It's funny, I used to HATE coffee when I was younger. My mutha was always a coffee drinker and I just couldn't stand it. It was so bitter. I didn't really start drinking it till maybe 21 years old. I started off by putting so much creamer and sugar it could have passed for a dessert. Then as the years went by, I slowly backed off with the sugar and cream. Now, I have a perfect concoction. If I get a Grande, then I put 3 Sweet N Low's and a dash of Half n Half. If I get a Venti, then that requires 4 Sweet N Low's and a dash-n-a-half of the creamer. Just in case you ever get me coffee, you will now know how I like it. My mamma still thinks it's far too sweet and cringes every time she tastes my coffee. She likes it Black...Like her Men... (*wink*)

**I have a PEN PAL. Remember I was telling you about my friend Phillip? Well, he moved to Korea on Monday for A WHOLE YEAR. He's going to be helping out at this Cancer-Rehab hospital and then hopefully teach English on the side. Not too sure on the details just yet. But anyhoo, I made him promise me that we would be Pen Pals. A) Because I love getting mail. Any form. US Postal, E-Mail, texts, Facebook messages, you name it. I love it. (Feel free to write me any time, stalkers). So far, we've been doing good! I'm very excited about this. I just hope it doesn't faze out after 2 weeks because we've both become too lazy/busy to keep up. 

**I'd like to say I have good skin. Those half and half genes have done me well. Smooth, almost hairless, no bumps, etc. BUT. Ever since coming back from Vegas, I can feel on my arms, from shoulder to wrist, these little tiny bumps. Like a rash, almost, but you can't really see it unless you look really close. I could be dying. I don't know. Oh, and now I can feel it on my thighs (I just checked). This happened once before. Last year, after I got back from Maui/Vegas. Hmm... Maybe Sin City has penetrated me with Sin and now it's seeping out of my pores. Anyway, I think it's disgusting. P.S. I just Googled (because we all know how much I love Googling for education), and I think I have a LOW THYROID condition!! Does that mean I'm dying? What do I do??? (Cue Dramatic Meltdown)

**I think I forgot to put deodorant on today. No, I don't think...I know. Normally I keep a small travel sized deodorant in my purse, because it's been known to happen before. But I just looked and it's not there. Oh well, guess I'll just stink today. 

**The girl that is pregnant at work, but she continues to DENY that she's pregnant, was upstairs yesterday wearing this white maternity top. I say maternity because it looks just like that. EVERYONE was commenting on it and wondering how long she's going to keep blaming her GROWING BELLY on "medication problems." She looks to be about 6 months. So... I'm thinking come August/September if she's suddenly flat stomached, we will know. Then we will have to wonder what she did with the child. Give it away? Hide it in a closet at home, never to be seen again? Come to work with it and pretend it's a friend's? I think about this often...probably more than I should. Maybe I can try to sneakily get a picture of her and show you guys what I'm talking about!!! But for now, it looks a little something like this:

Have a Lovely, Lovely Wednesday everyone...May your day be filled with rainbows and butterflies.
...I don't know where that last part came from, but it sounds nice.

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