Thursday, May 26, 2011

iPhone picture blog

i have some pictures on my iPhone that have been there and i've been wanting to put on my bliggety-blog...

yesterday, i decided to do something nice for myself. i got a mani and pedi. PLUS an extra 10 minute foot massage. it was divine. and now i have pretty nails. which makes me feel pretty and happy.

okay, do i live in this filth? no really. this is a pretty average day for what my desk looks like. let's just analyze a bit. feel free to enlarge the picture so you can follow along. first of all, do you see those pictures on the wall? you know, the ones that look like 5th grade art? of my customers sent those to me. she. won't. stop. just you wait. soon, i'll have the entire wall filled. 
next, let's look at the cups over on the left. there's my starbucks cup. standard. but then there's also a coffee mug, which most likely has 3 day old coffee in it. sitting there. getting moldy. i wish i was exaggerating. 
do you notice what my monitor is sitting on? yeah...a 2 pack of photo albums. my neck was hurting one day, so i thought propping up the monitor would help. surprisingly, it did. i'm nice and ghetto like that.
i bet my mutha is just cringing right now looking at this...

the other night, i went to Chevy's. they have this guac that they'll make for you right at your table! and you can tell them what you want them to put in it. it was awesome. i asked her if i could take her picture because i thought it was so cool...she kind of stared at me like i was crazy, but then obliged. mmm...guac.

when i was at the wedding this past weekend, i went out with some friends after the reception and saw THIS lovely contraption. there aren't many chances in life to take a picture of you straddling a canon. so i took the opportunity when i saw it.

here's little Bryson eating a popsicle. looks like i'll be getting to see him end of JuNe/beginning of JuLy! last night, Roomie and I watched the American Idol are a few things I got from it:
1. Beyonce and J. Lo are ultra hot. Jay-Z and Marc Anthony are 2 very lucky men. Yowza.
2. Scotty is boring and I don't think he should have won.
3. Carrie Underwood has really great legs. although they looked ultra shiny. still great.
4. lady gaga is amazing. it is definitely on my bucket list to see her in concert

It's Thursday!!!! Yee-Haw! I'm super duper truper excited for this weekend. Why? Just because! =)



  1. Well, I have to say your desk at work is a lot neater than your bedroom. I guess you have to be there because it really didn't look all that messy in the picture :)
    Love you!

  2. PS. Love your nail polish color :)



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