Friday, May 6, 2011

Hungover and Happy

First of all...What if I looked like this? THEN would you stop stalking and just become my FOLLOWER? You know..that little "Follow" button over on the right? ...I won't think it's awkward if you follow me...yeah you, all of you Canada followers...I see you...

Last night, Tori and I went out for Cinco de Mayo. We went to Fred's in Old Town. I had 4 Skinny Margaritas. What's a Skinny Margarita, you ask? Well, instead of the sweet n sour juice (which is far too sugary and calorie-y), they use fresh limes. Not bad, not bad at all. After those 4 Skinny Margaritas (and a few beers) we decided to have a photo shoot...or maybe I just wanted to be in front of the camera. Shocker, I know.

(I apologize for the lack of picture quality...These are all from my iPhone. I'm far too lazy to bring out a regular camera)

Let's take a look at this picture. Why does my hand look so awkward and "finger-y?" And what's going on with my ultra-Asian looking face? No wonder we got all the weirdo's coming up to our's because I looked like THAT

Seriously, if I was sitting across the place and saw this girl taking pictures like this, I'd think she was weird and probably make fun of her. Apparently after 4 margs, I didn't give a crap.

I think it finally hit me how lame I was being.

After Fred's, we went over to the Old Town Saloon. They normally have pool tables, but they weren't in service at the time. This place was PACKED. These two men came up to us and started talking. UM. Let me just clarify how old they were. I'm pretty sure they could have been my father. Why we were talking to them? I could not tell you. Plus, one of them was a teacher, and that just creeped me out all on its own. Something about seeing a teacher hit on someone that could potentially be a STUDENT of theirs. Um, no thank you. Then they tried to get us to go to this other place with them. Again, um, no thank you. That's about the time it was time to go home. Went home and straight to bed.

So now it's Friday. And that makes me very happy...something about having the whole weekend ahead of you, endless possibilities. Enjoy your weekends, my lovelies. Go do something reckless.


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