Monday, May 23, 2011

Guess it wouldn't be Monday...

...if I didn't see 92 missed calls when I got to work

...if I didn't wake up late or have time to do my hair and make-up

...if I didn't make time to drive alllllllll the way to Starbucks (despite being late to work) only to find that they didn't have my favorite Turkey Bacon breakfast sandwich so instead I got stuck with a boring ol' banana

...if I didn't check my online balance only to be ultra shocked at how much money I spent over the weekend (yikes)

...if I didn't first go to Facebook when I got to work because I'm dreading actually starting my long, full day of various tasks

...if I wasn't already day dreaming about the upcoming weekend and staring longingly at my calendar hoping my concentration will bring Friday sooner

Hope your Monday is just as wonderful as mine


(On a brighter note, I had a fab weekend filled with wedding festivities that I will soon report with all the fun pictures!)


  1. Loved the wedding photos I've already seen. Would like to see more :) Glad you had a wonderful time with all your HS friends.
    Love you!!!

  2. PS. Were your nails purple, too?



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